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3 Lessons I Learned from The Great Bear Roller Coaster

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This past weekend I had a blast with my family at Hershey Park. As season pass holders we visit the park all the time. But, this time I learned a few surprising lessons about my business (and my life) when I decided to go on the Great Bear roller coaster. (Yes, that photo is the exact coaster I went on… dangling nearly 100 feet in the air at speeds over 60 mph.) What a rush!

So, what does my experience on the Great Bear coaster (named after the roaring sound it makes as it tosses and turns you in its corkscrews and loops) have to do with business? Here are the top 3 lessons I learned while the G-force riveted me to my seat.

Seize The Opportunity
Has an opportunity ever passed by that you wished you had taken? That’s how I’ve felt the past 10 times I’d left Hershey Park. I’d watch people on the Great Bear and wanted to go, or I heard the “roar” of the coaster on the tracks and I’d feel the pull to hop on line. But, I never did for one reason or another. But, this weekend was different. As I walked by the Great Bear I had a strong sense this was my time to “just do it.” With a quick glance to my husband and daughter I waved bye-bye and followed my instinct to get in line.

I can’t explain what caused me to seize the opportunity this time. Perhaps it was the way the park lit up at dusk, maybe it was because the line was short, or the gentle breeze in the evening air woke up my sense… perhaps it was because I just had a “warm up” run on the log flume with David and Janet Rose. Whatever it was I knew it was time to say “Yes”!

What I learned was that sometimes you have to take advantage of the opportunity the moment it feels right. Had we walked by the Great Bear 5 minutes earlier or 5 minutes later, it may not have been the right opportunity. So, keep your senses open and tuned into knowing when it’s time for your “roller coaster ride.”

Control… and Let Go
As I approached the coaster there were plenty of warning signs posted. “Hold the grab bar tightly and keep your head centered and firmly pressed against the head rest.” Then, the loudspeaker blasted the same warnings again. I noticed myself getting tense about holding the bar and pressing my head back. I asked myself, “Should I really be doing this”? But, once I got on the coaster and locked down my safety bar, and obeyed the safety warning…. I decided to control what I could (hold on and press my head back) and let go of everything else.

The same goes for my business; and yours too. It’s OK to control what you can and let go of everything else. You can control the amount of stress you put on yourself, you can control your attitude, you can control which clients you work with and who you choose to network with, etc. But, beyond those things within your control, you must venture into the world of trust, surrender and faith in the Divine unfolding of your business, and your life. There is a greater plan in place than your own, and the more you let go of thinking you have control over it, the more you can surrender and be lead on your Divine journey.

Just like the Great Bear took me on a “journey of the unknown”, the future of your business is a journey of the unknown. The more you let go (and trust your Divine plan), the more fluid and easy your journey becomes.

Enjoy The Ride
So there I am; going up a 100-foot incline about to be launched on a 60 mile per hour thrill ride and I’m loving it! Rather than participating in the collective screams of fellow riders, I found myself giggling and laughing as my feet dangled in the air and my body catapulted through corkscrews and loops. High atop one loop I managed to catch a glimpse of the shimmering lights and the pink dusky sunset and fully enjoyed every moment of the ride. As we pulled into the unloading dock I wished the ride had lasted longer, while being grateful for the time I had.

Sometimes in business, it’s easy to forget about enjoying the ride because you’re too busy, overwhelmed, scared or burned-out. But, no matter what stage of business you’re in; you have opportunities to enjoy the experience of being an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is the journey of a lifetime and it’s meant to be enjoyed… even when you feel like you’re flying 60-miles per hour through twists and turns holding on for dear life. It’s in these moments especially, it’s important to seek the experience of joy! Remember… the “ride” will be over in the blink of an eye.

So, the next time you feel like your business is leading you on a roller coaster ride, remember to seize the opportunity, control what you can and let go of the rest, and enjoy the ride.

copyright 2007 Christine Kloser

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