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5 Unknown Facts About Civil Engineering

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Have you ever wondered what our society would look like if there were no civil engineers?

No well-structured buildings, no bridges to connect, and lack of the mega buildings might have made the landscape monotonous even in the city regions.Without civil engineers, society will never be able to function, but no one can ever guess the actual potential of the civil engineering students.

Experienced professors convey that a student who is striving hard to complete his/her civil engineering assignment can be the one designing one of the mega structures for the betterment of the society in near future.

This section of the society is silently working for the improvement of the present day scenario of the existing society. As they are the ones who ensure that we live in sound structures, a proper recognition is needed for their work and dedication. If you are keenly interested in this field, then most probably you are aware of the fact that this science is as old as the ancient mountain chains, yet new and improved developments are implemented every day.

Well, there are many unexplored facts in this area. Read this article to know about them. Here goes the list of the most uncommon facts about civil engineering and its disciplines:

1. Architects or engineers?

Well, until the 18th century, there was no clear distinction between the civil engineers and the architects. The terms namely architect and a civil engineer were often referred to the same person. Later, differentiation was proposed by the experts. Moreover, during the early 19th century, people became aware that this particular discipline is not just concentrating on the complex structures, but is taking measures to preserve the environment as well.

2. History  

There were initially no engineers. But John Smeaton, who was successful in constructing a lighthouse, self-proclaimed himself as a civil engineer. Moreover, even after a long time after introduction of this degree, no private university could afford to offer this subject because of the expensive equipment. The first college to teach this discipline was the Norwich University of the US.

3.Initial Salary

Coming back to the present scenario, this field is considered as the money-making field. On an average, a student with a bachelor’s degree in civil starts at $55,048 a year which is a lot more than other degrees.

4. Megastructures

Over the years, there are many structural wonders created by the structural engineers. The Empire State building of US was just built in 18 months. This building held the title of the tallest building in the US after the destruction of World trade Center. Apart from this, the Channel Tunnel was the greatest project of the 20th century. This has an ultimate design which makes a path for 600 trains to traverse each day through English channel.

5. Sub-disciplines

As this branch is considered as one of the core branches, and thus, there are various sub-disciplines in the same. The students have abundant branches to choose from, some of the dominant ones are:

6.Earthquake engineering

The discipline that is solely dedicated to reducing the risk and destruction caused by an earthquake. Mostly, the measures implemented are the resultant of immense research and advancement in science and technology.

7.Water resource engineering

Students who have an eye for meteorology, geology, hydrology, environmental science all together opt for this field. This is the most complicated yet interesting branch of all, students pursuing the same become quite considerate towards the environment.

8.Structural engineering

The structural engineering department is responsible for the establishment of the safe and sound structures which is serviceable for the folks. The megastructures and the ones considered to be the wonders of the modern day engineers are all the result of the hard-working structural engineers.

Many other sub-branches such as coastal, material, Geotechnical engineering are also popular, but new discoveries and inventions are creating scope for these branches as well.

It is well said that the engineers are the most versatile people on the earth, they can be the savior or the ones initiating destruction. In either case, major transformations are caused by the engineers!So, if you are constantly worried about the completion of the assignments which have approaching deadlines, then you can share your concerns with the various civil engineering assignment help providers available over the Internet. The expert and certified writers will help you score topmost grades.

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