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513 People Crammed Into Mexico Semi-Truck

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Two semi-trucks were stopped by Mexican cops and were stumbled across to be full of illegal immigrants, as the two tractor-trailers were attempting to smuggle five hundred and thirteen individuals into America. In the state of Chiapas, in southern Mexico, a law enforcement checkpoint used x-ray scanners to look at the trucks, which turned up the human cargo crammed together standing upright like sardines in extreme conditions.

Close to Guatemalan edge where human smuggling happened

A small human smuggling operation was discovered by Mexican cops. They stumbled across it near the Guatemalan and Mexican edge in the Chiapas state. While two semi-trucks were driving through law enforcement checkpoints near Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, X-ray scanning equipment found that there were hundreds of people crammed into the cargo trailers, according to MSNBC. Inside the trucks there were five hundred and thirteen people who were holding on to cargo ropes that had been strung while being hungry and dehydrated.

The number of immigrants being smuggled came from over five different nations

The people packed in the back of the trucks were from a number of nations. The majority of the people in the trucks were from Guatemala, but there were also 47 El Salvadorans, 32 Ecuadorans, six from Nepal, one from Japan, one from China and 12 from India. There were 32 females and 4 children and the rest were male. The Mexican authorities are responsible for the humans being transferred while four smugglers tried to escape and were arrested, CNN states. The smugglers wanted $7,000 per person, according to the Chiapas general, and only had air holes drilled into the top of the trailer. In Puebla, the trucks were to be re-routed. This would have gotten the people in the United States, in theory. There was a truck in the same area stumbled across in Jan with only 219 migrants.

Using Mexico to get to the United States

Many illegal immigrants travel through Mexico to get to the U.S.. Mexican cops connected with the case, according to the BBC, said that this was the biggest find in recent memory. Illegal immigrants often have to enlist the help of human smugglers, known as coyotes or coyotaje, who get them across the United States border for a fee. If there is an injury or abuse, migrants cannot do anything about this. In August of last year, according to the Christian Science Monitor, 72 migrants were slaughtered by the Zetas drug cartel and more than 10,000 were kidnapped by gangs between April and September last year as well.

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