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A Custom Jewelry Gift- Charm Bracelets

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If you’re searching for a gift of jewelry for that certain woman in your life, and if you want your gift to be special, unique, and customized, charm bracelets are your best option. Because charms come in all shapes and designs, a charm bracelet has the potential to become the most beloved item in a woman’s jewelry box.

For those who don’t know, charm bracelets are made out of tiny linked hoops to which the wearer can attach charms over time that are particularly symbolic and meaningful. The bracelets themselves come in gold and silver, while the small charms are made in almost any imaginable design, from diamond hearts, to 14k gold animals, to sterling silver crosses.

The phenomenon of charm bracelets dates back to the Stone Age — about 10,000 years ago — when hunters would pick up unusual stones and pieces of wood, attaching them to a band around the wrist. These early bracelets were thought to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits. Since then, charm bracelets have been worn throughout history, in ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and beyond, on the wrists of Pharaohs, Emperors, Queens, Knights, and World War II soldiers. Today, charm bracelets are more popular than ever among women who want to keep precious and symbolic charms near at hand.

To decide what type of bracelet and charms are best for your spouse, mother, or daughter, first think about the jewelry she already owns and wears. Does she have many gold items, or does she prefer silver? Do her tastes lean toward the simple and unadorned, or more toward colorful, decorative items? If you’re not sure about what types of jewelry she likes, consider her personality. What types of things does she find beautiful? For ideas, you can browse photographs and descriptions in an online jewelry store.

For charm bracelets, sterling silver is popular, as is 14k gold. Both options are perfect if you’re looking for a gorgeous item that is meant to last a lifetime. Sterling silver charm bracelets are often quite simple, though their designs sometimes include built-in stones, pearls, and charms. Gold charm bracelets tend more toward ornate and finely-crafted styles. In making your choice, a good rule of thumb is this: Both gold and silver bracelets come in a wide range of styles, silver bracelets are less costly and will require periodic polishing, and gold bracelets are higher priced than silver but don’t require much maintenance.

Of course, with both gold and silver bracelets, there is a vast array of designs. The Web is now the best way to shop for jewelry items, especially if you want to browse at your leisure, without a salesperson breathing down your neck. Many online jewelry stores have several pages of photographs devoted to nothing but charm bracelets and charms. On these sites, you can spend hours browsing and weighing your options. Today, purchasing jewelry online is just as secure as in-person shopping. Plus, it’s easier, and far more convenient.

Keep in mind that it’s not necessary to fill that bracelet with charms. Traditionally, it’s best to pick one or two charms to go with your gift of a charm bracelet. Then, you can give her more charms on subsequent holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries. For this purchase, a good idea is to find one charm that symbolizes your feelings for her, and one charm that fits her personality.

For example, there are charms relating to almost every hobby; if she loves dogs, gardening, or babies, there are charms representing each of those. Also, you can find charms that represent a variety of religious symbols. If you’re looking to send a special message, there are hearts, flowers, and charms that spell out the word “Love.”

Like bracelets, charms come in 14k gold and sterling silver. They also come in colorful designs, with enamel, or set with beads, diamonds, or pearls. On the Web, you’ll find thousands of charms to browse through — far more than you can find at your local jewelry store. So, find a jewelry website, and begin weighing your options. Your special woman is sure to be impressed by your unique, personalized gift.

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