ACL Surgery Recovery Using Cold Therapy

ACL Surgery Recovery Using Cold Therapy, as part of your rehabilitation plan, is one of the best ways to ensure that you make a speedy recovery after ACL Surgery. Cryotherapy is the therapeutic application of cold to an injured area.

Cryotherapy has been shown to decrease inflammation of the body’s tissues, muscles, and joints and promote faster healing. Cold Therapy also helps reduce pain and muscle spasms in the body commonly associated with post-surgical sites.

One way to use cryotherapy is by using regular, everyday ice packs, however, one of the drawbacks of ice packs is that they heat up over time and become gradually less effective.

This has been the standard method for decades; modern technology has advances that allow patients to enjoy the benefits of cryotherapy. New cryotherapy machines use an ice and water reservoir combined with a constant circulation of cold water flow, to provide a therapeutic cold.

In combination with IsoComforter’s patented Iso-Tube System specialized wraps that cover the entire area around the knee joint, you benefit from deeper-penetrating, longer-lasting cryotherapy.

Using Cold Therapy After Your ACL Surgery

Cold therapy has been proven to benefit post-surgical ACL repair patients in the following ways :

Faster healing – Cryotherapy helps the healing process by diminishing the patient’s pain level, allowing them to comfortably perform the physical therapy exercises recommended by the orthopedic surgeon after ACL surgery repair.

Less Pain and Swelling – Inflammation is a natural process that your body will go through after surgery. Although swelling is normal, too much swelling can delay the healing process.

Cryotherapy reduces swelling, therefore, eliminating pain while also reducing the nerves impulses to the brain, which provides an analgesic effect. Cryotherapy also helps reduce painful muscle spasms.

The innovative design of the patented Iso-Tube Cryotherapy pads was designed in conjunction with orthopedic surgeons to deliver the highest quality cold therapy in the industry.

Since 2000, IsoComforter, Inc. has been committed to providing the highest quality product possible, through our highly skilled and dedicated employees and state-of-the-art, patented products.

The commitment to quality is what makes IsoComforter stand out ahead of our competitors and enables us to deliver quality products. IsoComforter is located in South Florida and manufactures and delivers quality products nationwide.

IsoComforter, Inc., located in South Florida, manufactures and delivers quality cold therapy products nationwide for effective pain control of chronic joint pain, arthritis, sports injuries, back surgery, knee replacement surgery, shoulder and rotator cuff surgery.

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