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Adding Graphics to Your MySpace Private Page

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Graphics and photographs will enhance the beauty of your MySpace profile. A sparkling gadget, beautiful photographs or well designed profile will together make your MySpace private profile more attractive and lucrative.

MySpace resource sites, commonly known as MySpace graphics, are there all over the web. In MySpace graphics there are pages from where you can select the best graphics for designing your page. You can add these graphics by just copying and pasting them on your page to offer it a new look.

Adding graphics to your MySpace page is an easy process that you need to follow cautiously. For creating a MySpace profile there is no need to learn any lengthy HTML details and it does not need complicated programming. For that you just need to know the technique of pasting and copying of image into your MySpace private page.

First step in this direction is to decide which kind of image you want to include in to your MySpace profile. In case you select the picture or photograph on someone elses website; you can add that picture or graphic to your page using two options and these options are-

Make a right click on the picture and go for properties. Properties will show the URL of the picture. When you triple click on the address, it will highlight the full web address of the image. It is something like http and gif or jpg in the end. Copy the full web address and do modifications with modifying your MySpace private page.

Right click on the image and opt for Save Picture As option. Save the picture in the folder in your hard drive and note the file name. Use the image editing software for modify your image through crop or change the size of the image. Download the modified graphic in to your website.

Modifying Your MySpace Private Page

For doing modifications in the image, go to your profile and click on edit option. Select the position for pasting your preferred image or graphic on your MySpace private page. There are various places where you can insert graphic of your choice such as About Me, Music and so on. To add image on any of these place you require to type I M G S R C and use the paste command i.e. Ctrl+V and the URL is pasted, thereafter just type greater than sign.

Save the changes that you made on your MySpace private page. For further modification Add height= for height change and width= for breadth change with the I M G tag. Do not copy copyrighted image without having the owners permission. It is best to create your own graphic.

MJ Batta writes on various aspects of Private MySpace Dangers and manages the website SpyOnYourKids.Net

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