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All About Teen Lingo

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You may find the term Teen lingo something new but it is not new for your children or teens. Teen lingo is all about using shortcuts or acronyms or slang to convey the message which in indecipherable for the uninitiated. It is commonly used by teenagers for sending text messages on cell phone or for chatting online.

If it is to be decided whether teen lingo is good or bad, then it entirely depends on the way of a person using it. Since it is sure that until and unless you learn teen lingo you will not be able to understand anything, so, it is evident that it can be easily misused and can be risky. Though the actual purpose of using acronyms was to convey complete message using least characters, but for last few years, teen lingo has been used to keep parents in the dark. In addition to this, more and more teenagers and children these days are at a risk of becoming prey to predators.

Parents are not worrying unnecessary about their children using teen lingo online. They are aware that it can be used to deceive, oppress, harass and even terrorize anybody or even their children can be the target. Teen lingo becomes risky while chatting online especially on sites like MySpace.

A Few Acronyms Being Used in Internet Lingo

Here are acronyms which are used in teen lingo. Some of them are fine but others are inapt. Have a look at it.

RUOK – are you ok
DGTG – dont go there, girlfriend
HAK – hugs and kisses
Before – B4
DIKU – do I know you?
Laugh out Loud — LOL
KFY – kiss for you
MOOS – member of the opposite sex
NIFOC – nude in front of the computer
LHOS – Lets have online sex

Teen lingo can be useful if only used properly. For instance, if you are chatting with your friend then using shortcuts can be very helpful in conveying the messages faster. Internet lingo not only saves your time and efforts but is also interesting to use.

If your child is not too serious about internet lingo then there is nothing to get frightened but if he/she observes someone else misusing it then he/she may also think of doing the same. It is better to keep a check on your childs behavior and attitude. Parents can also guide and direct their children by telling them the right way of using teen lingo.

Crime through teen lingo is increasing a lot these days so it becomes the onus of parents to keep check over their children/teenagers online activities. Internet lingo is a good way if used only for interaction with each other either verbally or through chatting. Thus internet lingo can be exciting and dangerous depending on its usage.

MJ Batta writes on various aspects of Private MySpace Dangers and manages the website SpyOnYourKids.Net

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