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Are you looking for discursive essay topic?

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Discursive essay topics are the one that emphasis on some problems, a recent issue or a controversy. A discursive essay is also known as argumentative essay that involves critical and thorough analysis of a particular subject.

Discursive essays emphasis on a particular topic by providing valid evidences in order to clarify the objectives & engage readers. This type of essays is of two types formal type and an informal one. It consists of separate paragraphs, and each should possess a strong point of view.

The discursive essay will follow an alternate style that is a paragraph of point followed by sub-points. While writing this type of essay, conclusions are made on the basis of writers writing style to influence the readers.

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Latest topics for a discursive essay:

  1. How old is ‘too old’ for parenthood?
  2. Cloning: A tremendous medical advance or a prophetic development?
  3. Should faith be expressed through clothes
  4. Children of different faiths be educated separately or not
  5. Should film censorship be banned
  6. Importance of education in life or it is a means to an end

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Some useful tips to frame a discursive essay:

  • Choose a short and precise introduction that shall consist of important points, facts, and all the relevant information.

  • Make sure that the summary of the entire essay is mentioned in the introduction also avoiding elaborations.

  • In the middle of the content conveying thoughts with argumentative facts, reasoning, and logic can be beneficial.

  • On completion of this portion, proceed to the conclusion part. It will include a thesis statement and the summary of the whole content.

Following the above steps you could frame discursive essay for your assignments.

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