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Are Your Daycare Providers Ready: CPR AED First Aid Classes

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The time has come for your little one to leave the nest and go to daycare. There are so many thoughts and concerns racing through your mind. However, you know that you have to push them aside because with your schedule you have no other alternative. There are things that you want to make sure before dropping your little one off at day care such as whether or not the staff has taken cpr aed first aid classes, the centers rules, regulations and safety policies. Rest assured the school will do their part, but you as the parent will have to do your part to keep your child and the other children safe as well.

Ask the teachers questions. If you are not sure about something it is important that you ask. Make yourself a list of items to ask the teacher and then sit down with them before class begins to find out how they plan to care for your little one and the other children in the class.

If you plan on taking junk food to the classroom be prepared to take something for everyone. However, this is actually not a good thing to do, but it is a method to keep parents from leaving their child behind eating cookies, while other children in the class do not have one. When a child sees another one with something they want, they usually cry and sometimes it can take a while to calm them down.

Refrain from taking your little one toys to school. Although, most children have a favorite toy, try to keep it at home, or just in their crib. However, you want to make sure with the teachers before just leaving a toy. Many children like to throw their favorite stuff animal or toy from their crib when they learn how to. So, you want to make sure the toy is not made from any type chemical that someone might be allergic to in the class.

Medication left in a diaper bag or on the desk of a teacher is a no, no. Another child in the classroom can quickly grab the medication, thinking that it is candy or theirs and take it. Children who have seen their parents give them the same medication at home can quickly become confused thinking that the medication is for them.

For little ones who are still in in diapers, it is important that you have a large diaper supply. Your child most likely will need to be changed every two hours. Also, you will need to take along baby wipes and other items needed to make them comfortable during the day. Many day care facilities will allow you to leave a weeks worth of supplies for your child. However, be sure to check with the director.

Double check your childs bag each morning because a left ink pen, pencil or any other sharp object can cause harm to your child or someone elses child unintentionally. You must at all times remain vigiliant and think of everyones safety you little one comes in contact with.

Make sure you supply them with all the items needed to make your childs day go smoothly. Keep a weekly list of all the items your child will need. Keep your personal information up-to-date in the little ones folder so that the staff can get in contact with you in case of an emergency.

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