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Kamia Kennels, a British Columbia based company, was founded for the sake of Norwegian Elkhound dog breed. The company is always ready to show their visitors its facility because the living condition and health of their animals (both breeding dogs and puppies) can satisfy even the most difficult visitors.


Canada has been regarded as the most ideal country to live in by the UN since 1994 for various reasons. As world’s second largest country, rich in natural resources, Canadian economy has greatly flourished in recent years. Those who want to set up their businesses can come and find their opportunities in this developed country.

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When you hear the word trampolines you might get a picture in your head of children jumping up and down and having the time of their life. You might also get a picture of many trampoline related injuries that are caused due to lack of quality in the trampolines or lack of attention being paid by the user.But don’t worry, Trampoline World Ltd’s super fun trampolines are unbeatable in the industry field in terms of quality and warranty time and you will have no complaints of the lack of quality of the product.

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Located about twenty-five km west of the Red Deer city, Sylvan Lake is a peaceful and beautiful Central Alberta town. Sylvan Lake is actually a 15 km long freshwater lake located in Red Deer County. The lake is a popular tourist attraction which sees millions of tourists from all around Alberta each year.