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Awesome Gateway Points To Mainland China

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China presents a unique mix of history and modernity that is increasingly becoming attractive to traveling enthusiasts, businessmen, students, tourists and people seeking work opportunities. The new world is rewarding to the imaginative mind. The culture and innovative way of life in this region exudes an endearing creativity and resilience. Natural and manmade features are breathtaking.

The ambitions of Chinese people have seen them create the most amazing skylines. They provide a perfect gateway with an opened up economy where everyone is given an opportunity to become. Among the notable skylines is that of Pudong which is situated on the eastern side of Huangpu River in Shanghai.

The Mogao caves located on the Silk Road present travelers with a rewarding stopover. The 25km stretch is made up of 492 temples that date more than 1000 years. It served as a store for sacred scripture and artifacts for the ancient society in the region and is preserved to-date.

The Leshan Giant Buddha was calved out of a cliff and is situated in the western region of Sichuan. It took about 90 years to complete, having begun during the Tang Dynasty. The entire process required the contribution of thousands of workers and seasoned sculptors. The fingers are three meters long with the entire sculpture standing 71 meters tall.

The attraction from the Eastern region is highlighted by the Yellow or Huang Mountain. It forms a major attraction for visitors in china. The granite shaped peaks are peculiar with the slopes doting incredible pine trees. The view of the sky within these mountains is breathtaking. The addition of cable cars to some peaks has increased the number of visitors.

Li River offers a cruising experience stretching from Yangshuo to Guilin. Along the way is an exciting mountainous view, caves, cliffs and farming villages. It is an incredible opportunity to get away from the concrete metropolis and enjoy an untamed natural setup. The cruise experience is unforgettably breathtaking.

The terracotta army is a collection of sculptures in three pits. They represent the army of the first emperor of china and the area is considered among the most significant attractions in the entire country. A total of over 8000 soldiers are represented in the form of sculptures.

Among the busiest and deepest ports in the world is Victoria Harbor. It enchants with its incredible traffic from all over the world. The speed boats, junks and ferries crisscrossing the path make Hong Kong a major business attraction. Other common sites to visit include the Great Wall of China, Potala Palace and The Forbidden City. It is a country with incredible tourism, business and work opportunities for everyone.

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