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Being Cost Efficient In The Food Industry

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If you have a food product that you wish to sell to consumers all over the United States, there is no doubt you are concerned with keeping your operating costs at a minimum. While you don’t want to sacrifice product quality, keeping cost per unit as low as possible is always a priority. Here are a few suggestions that might help you reduce your overall expenses.

If you have recently setup your business, it is best to lease your equipment rather than purchase everything that you need for your production. Leasing helps reduce your upfront costs by a substantial amount. The instead on focusing in buying equipment, one can direct their attention on product design, quality control and marketing.

The type of packaging that you are using plays a big factor on the effects of your bottom line. Using less packaging for instance, generally saves you money however, having the right amount of size and packaging is important to surround and protect your food product. Using a lighter weight packaging is also another good alternative that can reduce your overall shipping costs and you can opt for plastic packaging or a combination of cardboard and plastic in keeping your items fresh and secured.

With that said, special information should be affixed which includes batch numbers and expiration dates onto these respective units. A machine known as an id coder or id printer is required to be able to do this. CIJ coders and DOD coders, including Domino coders, Videojet coders and other major brands consists of its many different types. An excellent way to cut cost is by purchasing refurbished coding equipment from a company such as PrintJet.

In addition to refurbishing coding equipment and selling refurbished coding equipment, looking for high quality versions of ink and make-up fluids for all of the major brands of coders such as PrintJet helps. They are able to create generic versions of Videojet ink, Altima ink, Imaje ink, Maxima ink, Domino ink and others. Purchasing generic inks and make-up can help you cut cost tremendously.

One mistake that many companies make is trying to expand too quickly. If you have one specific food product you are selling, don’t a new product until you have established success with your current product. Then add one new product at a time, rather than trying to expand with many different varieties. If a product is introduced, but simply doesn’t seem to be gaining in popularity, don’t be afraid to eliminate the item and concentrate on what does work.

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