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Big Carp Baits And Improving Your Catches!

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A thought-provoking piece about carp baits, nutritional stimulation, improving fish weights, and much improved catch results!

Often when studying bait and why it works, scientific tests utilise baits of gelatine and casein, but natural food is not present in tests and this is very important because it shows how many variables exist in real life fishing! Carp are evolved to digest natural food items they have found in their environment for eons of time, but angling baits need to be designed to be not only most nutritionally beneficial and digestible, but most potently stimulating to feeding too. The energy and nutrient requirements of carp in regards to baits we exploit are vitally important to us anglers because these can really boost our short-term captures and multiply cumulative catch results over time very significantly.

Many anglers think about their baits in terms of nutrition but really miss the other points about actual feeding stimulation processes and mechanisms. In the real world, what if you have raised the level of natural food organisms available because of the abundance of fishing baits fed into a lake? What if the fish can pick and choose whether they actually need fishing baits to supply any needs at all at any particular point in the year?

How things have changed in carp fishing since I began in the 1970’s when most carp anglers caught single and double-figure fish and a carp weighing over twenty pounds was very special indeed and a thirty pound fish was a fish of a life-time and something of an object for closer scientific scrutiny! Where a can of luncheon meat or a loaf of bread used to catch carp, now many anglers will throw into their swim a couple of thousand boilies, many kilograms of pellets or particle baits and still expect to catch without waiting a week for all this to be cleared before getting a bite. The impact of the general trend towards use of more bait as free bait, chum or ground bait is often to do with improving angler confidence, but it can very much improve fish confidence too and when done appropriately seriously multiplies catches.

It is true that the majority of the fish you could fish available to you prior to the boom in carp fishing in the UK were of double and single figures and it has been said that at that time there were as many twenty pound fish in Kent waters as the rest of the waters in the UK put together. New carp anglers in the UK today could never fully appreciate just what an achievement catching a twenty pound carp meant back in the 1970’s and early 1980’s; and the opportunity to actually fish a water that held a thirty pound fish was incredibly exciting experience! To many carp anglers fishing just a couple of decades ago, the first challenge was actually to locate a water containing any big carp over twenty or thirty pounds at all, and it might seem crazy to consider that to me it was once an exhilarating thrill to fish a water containing fish over twenty pounds, now having hooked a carp over eighty pounds a couple of years ago.

I recall in the early 1990’s the first guy to catch twenty carp weighing over twenty pounds in a season on my Essex syndicate lake when I had only 7 over twenty that season myself, but only took 2 years later I achieved this myself and it seems that carp weights have been accelerating over the last 2 decades much to the pleasure of us anglers! Anyone who really does their homework can achieve the capture of twenty carp in a week of around twenty pounds or over, and the waters that can produce this will tend to produce quite a few bigger bonus specimens too. For the average angler, the effective application and leverage of bait is critical in being able to consistently achieve big catches of carp and the more you can get to understand about bait applications and how baits works, the more consistently good your results can be with the least wastage in bait!

One 1991 milestone catch for me was of 23 carp caught over 5 days from an Essex reservoir, topped by the biggest in the lake (a mid-thirty,) and these fish averaged just under twenty pounds each; this provoked much jealousy from other members at the time, yet today such catches are pretty commonplace. Unique homemade bait design and regular effective bait application was the secret to my milestone catch back then and probably applies even more so today! Bait is often the last consideration today in the age of the instant carp angler who can buy everything except experience, but getting educated on the secrets of bait and how to exploit its power is a very big edge that can make your catches far better than ordinary, (even if you are a carp angler of average talent or experience!)

Bait design is very important and the nature of the free baits you use in order to get fish into an excited feeding state and drawn into your swim, hopefully to make a mistake with your hook bait is crucial; even in exceptionally prolific French and Spanish waters where 60 fish of over twenty pounds has been achieved by my friends in just 3 days. In the UK high-profile anglers are very much promoters of innovative baits and applications and the leverage of various bait substances and forms of recipes is a very big part of their ongoing success. Bait is vital not merely as an edge in itself but as the whole basis of your ongoing success; so grab this moment to improve your baits and big fish catches for life; visit baitbigfish now and be much further empowered to radically improve your baits and catches for life!

By Tim Richardson.

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