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BlizzCon 2014 What You Should Expect

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BlizzCon 2014 is arriving in less than a week! Here is everything you should expect and some things that might surprise you. We are exclusively offering cheap WoW gold for you. Just contact us, and get what you need in the game!

Blizzard recently released the schedule of events for both Day 1 (Nov. 7) and Day 2 (Saturday, November 8th) of BlizzCon. A map was also released on the official site. What you should expect

Warcraft movie trailer – This one’s kind of a given. There’s an entire panel dedicated to the Warcraft movie, so we’re most likely going to see an unveiling of the first, full-length trailer. We’ll probably also hear a few random lore tidbits that haven’t been talked about yet.

StarCraft II news – There’s likely going to be some big news here due to the fact that we haven’t heard a lot about SC2 lately. There’s also the fact that Blizzard has some big tournaments lined up for the game. Two guesses—we might hear some news on how Blizzard plans to expand the eSport coverage of SC2 into something closer to current LoL/DotA coverage, or we might even hear about Legacy of the Void. My bet’s on the expansion.

Hearthstone content preview – We’re going to hear more about the next booster/content pack for Hearthstone, most likely see reveals of the new cards, and maybe even get a preview of spectator mode.

Heroes of the Storm news – We’re likely going to get a couple announcements here, especially considering the fact that Alpha just reopened. Simply put, it’s an ideal time to build up hype. We’ll probably hear about the HoTS going into open/closed beta fairly shortly as well as a date for that. We may also see some details about picking up Founder’s Packs, perhaps (i.e. buying into beta), or hear about new maps in development.

Diablo III news – We’ll be getting some sort of D3 news, of course, most likely in the way of new features coming out in the next couple of patches, or possibly even something related to the next expansion.

World of Warcraft anniversary fun – With the release of Warlords of Draenor so close to BlizzCon, we can’t expect too many new reveals for World of Warcraft specifically, but Blizzard will likely have a few things in store for fans. Expect some anniversary fun (perhaps a cool video montage or two along with a panel about the game’s history, achievements, and all sorts of random info dumps).

If you are interested in the Blizzcon 2014 news, you can stay tuned here and count down to Blizzcon 2014! We will keep updating here. And also you can easily buy WoW gold from our site!

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