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Blood DK Single Pass MOP Team

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I learned this strategy from a Chinese player the other day, and it’s Chinese Spring Festival these days, so I wish him happy Chinese new year! And let’s pick some gift as wow gears for you players in our shop!

MOP group as the nearest point of the BOSS, the new mechanism under 100 suppressed blood may appear strange phenomenon for a friend who just turned level, but then come back to play in the basic graduation 5H not fade. For cheaper wow items, please chose us.

Ten H is almost the same difficulty and 10N, 100 properties without paving will not rage, rage nor could not carry.

Remember to take the right side after opening BOSS crystal, point to a one minute after the Magic CD free skills can eliminate DOT layers. 650+ Down is not got ……

Ten H Note shield stage, named after mobs BOSS will come back shield in 5% of the blood, is recommended point of suffocation halo live seconds away, you can also use magic skills to turn on free shield shield shield direct elimination, CD every 2nd shield can be eliminated once.

here are two main difficulties, first king of war Cleave extraordinary style flat cut injury, two Pirates of the king of repression is lifted arrows methods. Under 10N difficulty can easily play the next two dangerous 10H difficulty is more obvious.

Cope with the pressing need to point out the ice solid arrows Glyph solid ice – the land of evil – solid ice three times before each response must be killed before the 4th. Of course, there is a more simple way, is the point of gangrene dead, dead gangrene will spread to jump on the arrow to arrow death.

P1 outbreak of all skills, P2 body can focus on playing the slowdown, the BOSS can not be too much more than playing on the ballpark, equipment and other low, then you must ensure that 8 + 8 wave the ball to the front too violent.

The only difference lies in the difficulty of P1 10H defenders explosion, a defender must be pressed into the P2, while the defenders must be full time and have a green bar explosion blood, blood less than 80% after the explosion will faint to death. 10N is no different and after.

Despite the weakened blood boiling 33%, but for 10 people who changed little Eragon, a blood boiling can still hit the ball to six residues. However, the difficulty of 25 single brush increases sharply.

The BOSS is very demanding for the DPS, there must be at least 670 and other equipment and has a scabbard and 10% power ring. Sunder threat on the survival of more than strengthen, strengthening can increase because of perseverance, but the armor is not only to improve the determination of the injury, the knife can hide as much as possible to hide.

There are strange hammer hit the floor faint pain, evil must point to the talent-free halo. According to the above timeline will be a total of two, the first one on the ice dragon spray death row, the second proposal to turn the fire seconds away. Ad: wow boe items you can’t miss please visit our site!


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