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Buying TICA Registered Ragdoll Kittens

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Ragdolls possess a high level of intelligence and gentle nature including a soft and shiny coat. These cats must be well cared for and include the relevant socialization that will maintain balance and protect against poor responses to children and pets. TICA registered Ragdoll kittens can offer well bred cats including breeders who adhere to specific ethical codes of practice for healthy and well developed pets.

The Ragdoll is a breed that was established in the 1960s and has fast become a favorite among families and for show purposes. The felines have been bred for its unique coat coloration and blue eyes that have resulted in an attractive and beautiful appeal. It possesses a gentle and relaxed temperament allowing one to easily handle the feline and contributing to the Ragdoll name.

Buyers are advised to consult with The International Cat Association offering a complete list of breeders in the industry. This includes a listing of all TICA members who register for ethical practices and an investment into the highest possible breeding standards. The aim is to select healthy cats that best represent the breed and maintain the standards of this distinguished line.

A responsible and reputable breeder will provide all buyers with health certification upon the purchase of a particular kitten. The guarantee will provide clearance by a qualified veterinarian for the maintenance of physical structures and to put medical measures in place to protect against disease. Kittens must represent the line with the application of quality breeding practices and ensures that well socialized felines result.

Kittens must be socialized with other people and pets before leaving to a new environment and should be assessed for responsiveness and a healthy coat. When interacting with a litter look out for extreme shyness and a dull coat that will indicate unhealthy and poorly bred animals. A kitten must not sneeze as it may reveal disease and an absence of the completion of veterinary examinations.

The kitten should be 12 weeks of age before it is able to be adopted or purchased. One must not agree to receiving felines that are younger as it may result in improper development and a wide range of health and behavioral issues over a long term period. Kittens will be prepared to leave the litter once it has been fully weaned, house trained, and vaccinated against possible disease exposure.

There are many advertisements online that reveal Ragdolls for sale; however, not all of these individuals invest in ethical breeding practices. Should a seller fail to provide registration or health guarantees, backyard breeding practices may be ongoing leading to pets that are mixed and poorly bred. All sellers must be knowledgeable to advise on the breed and to minimize making a bad purchase.

Buying Ragdolls should be based on a clear investigation into the registration of the breed. For potential new owners, it is important to learn more about the breed and to identify the healthiest possible kittens for selection. The right steps can prevent being conned and will assist in choosing TICA registered Ragdolls.

TICA registered Ragdoll kittens are ready for adoption. Cat lovers are welcome to take a look at the online gallery here http://ritterkatz-ragdollcats.com.

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