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Can You See What I See?

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Don’t worry it’s only your cat. My cat you ask? Yes, that funny shape you’re seeing that you don’t recognize as your fuzzy feline friend but rather as a distorted ominous shape.

Yes, that funny shape you’re seeing that you don’t recognize as your fuzzy feline friend but rather as a distorted ominous shape. Lots of people suffer from the partial loss of sight or color blindness but don’t go to their lcoal GP to get themselves checked out. What you don’t take into consideration is that not treating your condition only makes it worse. Soon instead of having a little trouble seeing your cat and what it’s chasing you’ll be wondering where the cat is and if it’s chasing anything at all.Admitting to yourself that there’s something not quite right with any part of your body is not easy.

Many people would rather suffer the unknown and deal with the symptoms than go to see the eye doctor for a checkup. The medical offices that I’ve visited have proven to be quite accommodating; even going as far as to offer magazines, books and toys for the kids to play with. You talk to the receptionist and then to the opticians assistant to see what the trouble is and what tests they would like to run. The optician then comes to find you and asks you questions such as if you have ever worn eye glasses or contact lenses, if you have considered either one and why you think you need them.

After you finish the question and answer session, the optician will want to see if you can read the letters on the wall poster on the other end of the room. Don’t worry if you miss out on something or if some of it’s a blurr – that’s the whole point of the exercise. You will now go through a series of tests on each of your eyes. These are meant to assess the range of sight each eye contains which determines the amount of focus necessary to allow you to see clearly again.

After all of the tests have been completed and you feel confident that the optician has discovered what lenses you need to see better through, you are given the choice again of glases or contact lenses. Contacts are a more popular choice because they can be worn without anyone knowing you’re wearing them and also because you are given the chance to change the color of your eyes to suit your mood. Contact lenses can be bought at any opticians’ office but be prepared to order the color you want in case it’s not available when you finish your appointment.

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