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Career in Search Engine Optimization in India

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Are you looking for Career in Search Engine Optimization in India?

Search Engine Optimization is a very promising and dynamic career in Search Engine Optimization in India especially. If  you want to take SEO as a career then you need to make sure that you are willing to spend long hours in front of your system not only at your office but even at your home not only for your business but for you Keep up to date, Being an SEO is not a profession, but an addiction.

One thing you should take note of will be that people will continue to abuse search engines with poor quality content and fish methods in the future as well and search engines will continue to update their algorithms for So you have to make sure that you follow good resources to get updates on what is in and out of SEO and experiment with these strategies on your  website.

I have written about different techniques in articles separately   6-techniques-to-succeed-in-your-seo-career

  1. Intern SEO:

If you start fresh in the SEO industry then generally you need to start as an SEO trainee. While there are no key benefits you need to have to be an SEO intern, but companies prefer people who can do a little research online or have a master’s degree using Excel and Word but these skills Can be developed within 6-7 days so do not worry about them.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Conduct content search for executives
  • Updated meta tags of the website according to the excel provided
  • Submit Content
  • Submit a link
  • Or any low key SEO related manual work possible in an organization.

Experience in SEO:

  • Fresher

Monthly Compensation: (INR)

  • 4,000-6,000

Yes, it’s a fact most of these companies are looking for cheap labor instead of a person they can really groom in a good resource. So they will let you learn at your own pace but will ensure that they can get out what they put into you.

My suggestion:

Rather than applying as a direct SEO surfer to a company in India, it is always best to go for paid training in SEO as a plus fee. This will not only prepare you for direct entry to the executive level (and a much better compensation) but will also save six months of your career at least.

Check the reality yourself. Below is an internship opportunity in a Top E-commerce company in India. Since then, I do not want to directly take a search of them, I have blurred their name. Salary low to see freshers India

  1. SEO Executive:

Welcome aboard, it’s actually the first job role that will make you see the world of SEO. It will inform you of the actual ranking on the 1st page of SERP for a client, prolonged office follow-up hours after the latest Google update and a humble early addiction, both to caffeine And referencing.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Organic traffic growth
  • Keyword research and identification
  • On page optimization
  • Identify linkage opportunities
  • Submit / receive content to / from the content team
  • Daily monitoring of keyword status and reporting

Experience in SEO:

  • 6 months to 2 years

Monthly Compensation: (INR)

  • 15,000-22,000

Salaries may differ by up to 20% depending on the city and the level of business you are working with. So it’s not a bad move to start your career as an executive SEO, especially when you want to start with a job at an early age. In fact, I have met a lot of SEO (Search Engine Optimizers) who wear it with their higher education. Caffeine and so

  1. SEO Specialist:

This is an intermediate level career in search engine optimization where companies expect you to take charge of a particular project and work with other support teams to execute the Project in a timely manner.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Site audits, competitor and market analysis
  • Coordination with executives to ensure the smooth execution of ongoing projects
  • Creation of recommendations on technical referencing and customer content
  • Provide management training on new developments/tools in SEO
  • Interact with social media, content and marketing team to make strategic decisions.

Experience in SEO:

  • 2-4 years

Monthly Compensation: (INR)

  • 25,000-40,000
  1. SEO Manager

In most small and medium organizations this level is the first position and salary will depend on your experience but you will need to have at least 4 years of SEO experience in relevant fields and industry and will be responsible for meeting and Retain customers and ensure that each department under you achieves their weekly goals.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Understanding Customer Requirements for SEO
  • Design SEO strategies and timelines for the project
  • Work and assist Head-Search Engines In meeting clients.
  • Coordination with content, social media, and technology teams for the
  • customer site with SEO specialists
  • Assign the work to SEO specialists and their teams
  • Revision of the reports created by the SEO specialists and realization of
  • the weekly status meeting with the management

Experience in SEO:

  • 4-6 years

Monthly Compensation: (INR)

  • 45,000-80,000

At this time most SEO plan to start their own businesses as this could be financially best option available for those here in India and those who are still not ready to quit there proceed to the next level

  1. Head-Search Marketing

I have seen this position in only top 5% of SEO companies in India. The person working on this post is also supposed to be a management graduate apart from being an experienced SEO. Companies prefer people with at least 2-3 years experience as an SEO Manager and someone who has close relationships with 10-12 major clients.

Key Responsibilities

  • Head of all research marketing teams – Organic and paid search
  • End-to-end team management for the presence of the company/client on the search engine
  • Responsible for managing all key accounts of a company
  • Represent the company at conferences / key events on Search Marketing
  • Work closely with the sales and marketing team of the company to identify
  • online marketing goals and key performance indicators.

Experience in SEO

  • 6 years and up

Monthly Compensation: (INR)

  • 1 lakes – 1,5 lacs per month

Bonus tip: Other skills that will help you in exponential career growth as an SEO:

  • Good communication skills – both spoken and written
  • HTML sound
  • Patience
  • Research and management capacity
  • Analytical IQ and experimentation
  • Ability to manage people (Required at higher levels)
  • These skills are something you must develop your career to be a successful Search Engine Optimizer.

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I hope this piece helps those who are considering taking SEO as a career.

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  • Awesome artciel about carrer in seo field in india..It’s very imporatnt for all seo beginners and also for experts..I will bookmark it and come back for more.Thanks for it……..

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