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Consider Aventis Systems for the Virtualization Solutions

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Why Virtualization is necessary ?

With Virtualization Solution, you can enhance the security, improve the functionality and increase the performance of your operating systems. After undertaking a particular solution, it is essential for you to seek the service from a reliable company to gain the maximum outcome with better functionality and performance.

There are various categories in the virtualization solution, namely, hypervisor and virtual machine deployment services, public and private cloud migration services and hosting and hybrid cloud services. With these solutions, the deployment of your virtualization is effortless along with the transition of your application, securing your at-risk application by transferring it to a recovery location.

The hypervisor and the virtual machine deployment service catered by Aventis Systems, includes installation, configuration and set up for the creation of turnkey virtual machine. The deployment of the virtual platform will become easier with this service by taking help from the company’s proficient experts navigating the virtualization process. VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, Oracle Virtual Box and Red Hat KVM are the platforms that are included in the virtualization service.

Hypervisor and virtual machine deployment solution include the pool planning of server resource, the allocation of virtual machine resource, the conversion strategies for physical servers, installation of virtual machines. Through this service, the experts also perform the configuration of virtual switches, data storage and resource pools for enhancing the virtual servers.

With public and private cloud migration service, the conversion of application to private or public cloud platforms is implied. Taking help from our experts, we design and proceed cloud migration plan to include the configuration and set up of cloud application, securing the data. The services under this solution include the physical machine and virtual machine’s migration to VM cloud, the cloud to cloud migration, the migration to Google Apps and Office 365.

You can minimize the interruption and improve the functionality of your operating systems with hosting and hybrid cloud services. Through these services, our professionals get the outlines ready and they apply an off-site solution, matching the production’s requirements. The at-risk applications are protected by getting migrated to the off-site disaster recovery section, saving huge time while launching the hardware and software applications.

With Aventis Systems, you can attain the beneficial services like the virtual private servers on the company’s private cloud, the rental options of dedicating hosting, disaster recovery planning, and others. Considering virtualization solution for your application can improve the functionality along with safeguarding your at-risk applications in your operating systems. This can also save time and effort with a better outcome, deliver you better functioning applications.

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