Creating Borders and Panels for MySpace Profile Using Photoshop

Everyone wants his/her MySpace private page looks stylish and trendy. Some use working gadgets, pretty photographs, funny graphics etc. Some create colorful pretty back ground to attain the attention of the viewer. MySpace private page is your private page, you can do as much experiments in designing your MySpace private page. Borders and panels are considered as most important component in designing as it highlights the main content of the page.

Photoshop is the most common as well as effective method for creating borders and panels at MySpace private page. You may want to know how to create border using Photoshop? Well, you can create border with photoshop in several ways-

By creating an image in RGB mode and filling it with white color.

By opting for new layer and name it on left side in Photoshop.

Choosing the area of 8×100 with marquee tool and filling the selected portion in black color.
Adding a new layer while naming it on right and making selection of 10×100 with marquee tool. Again filling this selected portion with black color.
In blending options further adding one layer. Fill it with gradient overlay at linear style and normal gradient blend mode.
Choosing another layer at right hand side in blending options

Creating Vignetted Soft Edged Border on MySpace Private Page
Use border command or soft-edged stroke through stroke command to create soft edged border on your MySpace private page.
Go to select menu; opt for modify sub menu and from there select border option.
Border box displayed give the preferred width measurement.

For creating stroke along the border of layer; go to edit menu and select stroke from there. In stroke box give the desired width of the border in the width field. Click on location option and give the value in opacity field. Choose the option from mode pop-up menu. In the last, click Ok and your job finishes here.


Panels can beautify your graphic or image by offering deep sense. Marquee tool is an effective tool for creating panels. Through ant-aliased control you can give soft as well as hard edges to the panels. To apply any changes further offer special layer to panels.

How to Create Panels

Take a new layer, position the layer in the layers palette under the layers of images you selected for your MySpace private page.

Choose the marquee tool from the tool option palette.
Decide the area for panel and fill it.

Offsets Panels for MySpace Profile

Panel area that you choose should be dragged to an offset position and fill it.

Vignetted panels for profiles-
Select feather option and give the value in feather radius and fill it.

Following the process step by step would enable you to create beautiful borders and panels for your MySpace private page.

MJ Batta writes on various aspects of Private MySpace Dangers and manages the website SpyOnYourKids.Net

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