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Deciphering Teen Lingo

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Teen lingo has become an integral part of todays computer savvy teenagers. They use teen lingo i.e. using maximum acronyms to communicate, to manage instant messages and chat sessions. At the same time the purpose of using teen language is to keep their conversation safe from others particularly parents.

Its not that it is only now teens are using this kind of lingo; rather children have always been creating their own special language to communicate with each other. Slang has always been a part of children of each generation and it was parents who were always on the dark side about the meaning of these acronyms.

However, the situation is more or less same even today. Even today teenagers are using their own teen lingo as a way to communicate with each other, and this time facility of internet has made it a lot easier for them compared to earlier times. This mysterious use of teen lingo often leaves parents perplexed as they are not able to understand what is being communicated.

Teen lingo is used widely in internet text messaging software and chatrooms such as MySpace. In addition to this, teen lingo is also a commonly used means for text to text cell phone messaging. Parents just seem unable to deal with this teen lingo problem.

Teen lingo is a problem because using internet monitoring software turn useless as parents are not able to understand what is being conveyed via online. Parents are completely clueless when it comes to understand the language used by their children. Above all parents particularly wish to know what is being said to them online. It is quite obvious for parents to worry about the type of information their children are giving and also to whom.

Considering the increasing rate of online crime, it is important for parents to keep watch over their childrens activities online. It is extremely shocking for parents when they find out the meaning of these acronyms used in teen lingo such as MIRL is used to say lets meet in real life; AITR for adult in the room. There are thousands of acronyms in teen lingo which are used to describe different things including drugs and sex related matters.

To sort out this problem of parents, these days various web sites are available which enable parents to crack this coding teen lingo being used by teens while chatting online. It is very easy to use these web sites; all you need to do is to type the acronym you wish to crack and the exact meaning of the acronym will be displayed in no time by the web site. At times there is more than one answer of an acronym used in teen lingo.

The purpose of these acronym-decoding websites is to provide the parents with the best possible comprehensive, advanced as well as economical parental monitoring software and thus enabling the parents to understand teen lingo.

MJ Batta writes on various aspects of Private MySpace Dangers and manages the website SpyOnYourKids.Net

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