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Defining Perfect Designer Bag

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So you think you have found the perfect designer bag and yes it’s even within your budget. The question to ask is it the real deal or cheap knock off? With so many designer’s pumping out new styles every month, more and more counterfeit factories are making quite a chunk of change and unfortunately by the time you realize you’ve bought a fake, its too late.

More counterfeit factories are making designer bags that are so close to the real deal; you have to be an expert to tell the difference. But, how does a shopper like you do this? How does one tell how to spot the counterfeit purse in today’s fashion market? Here are some tips on how to tell what’s real and what’s fake.

1. Shop at department stores, where you know that you’re going to get the actual authentic designer bag with a 100% guarantee. Every department store buys factory direct.

2. If you’re going to shop online, make sure you do check out the merchandise before you buy. To do this most sites will carry up close pictures of the designer bag. Compare pictures by actually going to the name brand site and compare to the site’s picture that is selling the bag in question. Pay attention to subtle differences such as color, design, look, size, stitching, cut, and details, anything that seems a little odd or slightly different is not the real deal.

3. Spot the fabric, any designer bag will be using top of the line first class materials. And most are hand made. Designer labels have strict control over the process of how the bags are manufactured. If there is a problem with the stitching or there are threads peeking out, there is a strong chance that it is a fake. Even if the stitching seems fine from the outside the same can not be said for the inside. Look at all stitching closely, most designers will have double even triple thread their work.

4. These details are key to telling and spotting the difference between the real and fake. Even though the cut, size and shape might be the same. The zipper, lock, even the pockets from the inside will not. Pay attention to the material itself make sure the prints look and read clearly and clean. Also pay attention to the trimmings. But, most important, look at the trade mark logo, most carry the trademark signs on the inside and all authentic bags have the logo printed on them.

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