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Defining Sense Of Fashion

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Fashion does not always mean just clothes. It could also mean the way you wear your makeup, style your hair, or other cosmetic tasks. What is fashionable in the United States may not be fashionable in China. What is fashionable now was defiantly not fashionable in say the 1900’s.

Fashion is different with every culture and time period. Fashion is a way, no matter where you live, to express your emotions and individuality. One woman may love to be very feminine by wearing skirts and hills, the next might be very sporty by wearing running shoes and windbreakers. That’s the beauty of fashion; it gives you the choice of being the one that blends in or the one that stands out.

As I said before, fashion is not just clothes; it is so many other things. Hairstyles and make up is also a very big thing. These things can be just as hard to do right as finding clothes. One woman can pull off a bob, while it would not work on the woman standing next to her. Then there are all the hair products to choose from. There are so many different shampoos, conditioners, sprays, gels, glues, that it makes it impossible to name them. It is a huge financial empire.

You can even buy fake hair. I don’t think there is any such thing as natural beauty anymore. What’s fashionable today? Short hair? Long hair? Curly hair? Can anyone keep up? I say, just be yourself, the rest will come naturally.

There is also so many different types of makeup available and in many different colors of one shade that makes it difficult to really decide but makeup is a large part of women’s fashion. Just open any women magazine and see how many articles there are about finding the right shade for you, or smoky eyes are in with a neutral lip. Perhaps the magazine editors should change these articles weekly just to keep every woman confused. Why shouldn’t they, when women’s fashion brings in so much money.

Women’s fashion can be very confusing no matter where you are from. Stick to the basics and you can’t go wrong and wear clothes that fit and that show your personality. Wear your hair how you like it and buy any kind of makeup you want. Really, who is going to know if you have shaved your legs or not, besides your husband?

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