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Depression And Symptoms

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Are you feeling down in the dumps? Maybe you have found yourself tearful or discouraged for no reason. If you are suffering from depression you may find yourself irritable and anxious . Has your energy level hit rock bottom? Often symptoms of depression are often slight at first . The symptoms you are experiencing maybe hard to related to depression without consulting your doctor.

There are two significant symptoms of depression. They are :

1. Sadness/ Hopelessness

2. Loss of one’s interest or pleasure in everyday activities

You may also experience other symptoms which include:

1.Weight loss or gain

2. Appetite change

3. Sleeping disorders

4. Felling restless/ unable to sit still/ or finding that it takes a huge effort to move

5 Feeling tired

6. Feeling unworthy/ guilty

7. Problems trying to concentrate; remember; or making decisions

8. Thinking suicidal thoughts.

If you are an individual that suffers at least five or more of these symptoms for a period of two weeks or more, and one of the main symptoms is sadness or loss of interest, you are suffering from major depression. If you suffer from four or less symptoms , you are still depressed and need to consult with your doctor.

Dysthymia disorder is when one suffers from two to four symptoms for a period of at least two years for adults and one year for a child. This is known as long term depression.

Women often experience mood swings before menstruation. There are physical and sometimes emotional premenstrual symptoms that may interfere with having a relationship or responsibility, known as premenstrual syndrome. If your premenstrual symptoms seriously interfere with one’s life , it is known as premenstrual dysphoric disorder.

There are several symptoms that are hard to link to depression.

1. Body aches or pains

2. Headaches

3. Digestive problems

4. Loss of interest in sex

5. Feeling anxious or worried

6. Blaming oneself

7. Not talking or moving for extended periods of time.

Other symptoms may include:

1. Overeating

2. Weight gain

3. Sleeping to much

4. Finding oneself more tearful; angry; are just not feeling well

5. Anxiety /tension

6. Heaviness in the arms or legs

7. Rejection

Depression has been known to be a serious problem for people of all ages. The elderly needs immediate attention when suffering from depression. The elderly is more prone to being confused or forgetful when suffering from depression. Depression is a severe risk factor in death among the elderly with heart problems.

It is of the most importance to recognize the symptoms of depression and to seek immediate medical attention. Depression has been linked to suicide. The warning of suicide tends to change as one ages. Depression can be difficult to diagnose . It is wise to talk to your doctor if you suspect you may be suffering from depression. An ounce of prevention could save your life.

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