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Depression In Pregnancy

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When preparing for a baby it involves a lot of hard work. Your health should come first. You should try to resist the urge that a lot of women get and avoid trying to get everything done. It is essential for one to cut down on their chores and only do those things that will help them to relax. Mothers need to learn that taking care of themselves is an important part of taking care of their unborn baby.

It has been found very helpful for expecting mothers to talk about the things that may concern them. Talk to your friends ; family; or your partner. If it is support that you need , you don’t have to look very far.

If you find that everything has failed you , seek therapy. Antidepressants have been known to help. New evidence has shown that it is safe to treat depression while one is pregnant, for a short term. Long term effects have yet to be studied. If you are expecting and suffering from depression , you should consult your doctor for treatment. Never treat yourself with medication without your doctor prescribing it for you. Some medicines tend to affect the unborn baby.

The stresses of one being pregnant can cause depression or a recurrence of depression symptoms. If you suffer from depression during your pregnancy, you are at a greater risk of having another episode after delivery known as postpartum depression.

Depression has been known to effect the ability for a woman to care for herself during pregnancy. It has also often put many mothers at the risk of using substances that could possibly harm both the mother and developing baby. The use of alcohol; tobacco; and illegal drugs can truly harm the mother and unborn child. Mother’s that suffer from depression often find it hard to bond with their baby.

There are several known causes of depression during pregnancy.

History of depression

The mother’s age at the time of pregnancy

Living alone

Limited social interaction

Children – It is proven that the more children you have , the more you are likely to become depressed during a later pregnancy.

Martial problems

Uncertainty about the pregnancy

Pregnancy should be a time for women to relax and enjoy getting prepared for the birth of their son or daughter. One could be lucky and have twins. This should be a bonding time for the expecting mother and partner. After all, once the baby arrives it is no longer just the two of you, now it is time for family bonding. Baby makes three. Remember that pregnancy is lonely short term, so relax. Nine months will pass in no time. You should always be thinking of what a joyous occasion that will bring you and your life.

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