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Discover the Magic of Romantic Getaways in Texas

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As one of the largest states in the union, Texas, the Lone Star state, has tremendous opportunities for couples who are planning for a vacation. Whether you are searching for something a little more laid back or something that sparkles with pizzazz and excitement, there are romantic getaways in Texas for you!

Not sure where to start? Take this quick “lovers’ personality” questionnaire to determine which type of vacation in Texas are ideal for you both:

1. Would you describe your perfect vacation as including…

a. Sports
b. The Beach
c. The Desert
d. City Life

If you chose (a), why not head to Dallas where you can see some professional sports activities? Or, you might want to watch a bull riding competition; there are many throughout the state and they make for romantic vacations in Texas!

You are in luck if you chose (b)! There are plenty of scenatic romantic getaways in Texas that are situated along the beautiful gulf of Mexico. Bring your bathing suit, a good book, and lots of sunscreen for an unforgettable holiday vacation.

If you chose c), you might be a bit adventurous… or at least your soul. Try taking vacations in Texas in smaller towns with the flavor of the desert.

If you chose d), there are a number of places in Texas that could appeal to you. Try the aforementioned Dallas, Austin, or Houston for a rockin’ good time!

2. Do you tend to gravitate toward activities that are more…

a. Historical
b. Culinary
c. Athletic
b. Cultural

If you chose (c), it’s recommended that you head to the Alamo for your stint in Texas. Then, you can head over to the San Antonio Alamo Museum to beef up on your history lesson.

If you chose (d), Houston hosts an annual “Grand Food and Wine Affair” that is perfect for romantic getaways in Texas. Enjoy some delicious epicurean delights and adult beverages as you bask in the glow of this gorgeous city.

If you chose (c), you might be ripe for a dude ranch adventure in the city of Bandera during your stay in Texas! There, you can enjoy all the excitement of being a cowboy (or cowgirl), which also are basking in the comforts of upscale lodging and edible treats.

If you chose (d), head to San Antonio or Fort Worth, where many arts and crafts activities will make for fabulous romantic getaways in Texas! Who knows? You might get a deal on a work by the next up-and-coming artisan!

Remember – you cannot never go wrong with Texas! So plan your romantic getaways in Texas and fall head over heels!

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