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Disney World on a Budget

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Are you planning a holiday to Walt Disney World in Florida but don’t want it to break your budget? There are plenty of money saving tips that will make this holiday of a life time that bit more affordable.

The biggest tip that everyone knows is to book a motel or hotel off site of the Disney World Resort complex, or at least stay in one of Disney’s value resorts if you must stay on site. By doing this you can reduce your expenses by a significant amount.

There are also a few common sense ways to save money, which may be difficult to avoid if you have small children as they don’t realize the cost of things. This is to try not to buy as many gifts, souvenirs and snacks as you may want. Not only is it hard to keep your young children from wanting a gift to bring home to remind them of one of the best vacations in their life, it’s tempting to buy a souvenir or two for yourself so that you can treasure the memory of visiting Disney World Florida.

Also, dining out every night can bump up the bill as eating out can be expensive if you go to a higher end restaurant or diner. Having a few nights snacking at the local McDonalds or ordering fast food carry out can help stretch your money a bit farther.

A common question that is asked by people is, “Is it cheaper to go at off peak times?” Well the answer here is yes and no. During high seasons you can usually get exactly the same discounts as if you went in low season, but less people can benefit from these discounts as more people want to go during high season. So by booking early you will increase your chances of receiving a discount rather than booking a last minute deal.

When booking your vacation, don’t let the travel agents push you into the top package that gives you all the benefits. It usually works out better financially if you buy the room separately rather than purchasing a package deal. And usually there are far less consequences if you should need to cancel or change your travel plans.

Have you already decided to stay at the Disney Resort? Which resort hotel should you pick? The “All Stars” is the least expensive so far and has the most practical shuttle bus service during those busy hours as well as the quieter hours due to the bigger population of people stopping there. The next in the line is “Port Orleans” which is also known to have a great shuttle bus service but is slightly more expensive then the “All Stars” resort. However,it is a bit more luxurious.

Peter Kenny has been working in the Orlando area travel industry for the past 10 years. Please visit Vacation homes by owner and Orlando vacation homes

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