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Divorce Rate Skyrockets

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Studies support that the divorce rate is up in America by nearly fifty percent. Our world has changed so much over the years, it is no wonder that the number of divorces have been elevated. Marriages are faced with numerous challenges today, causing an already week relationship to crumble under the difficult times.

In today’s society, it is a common occurrence for both men and woman to have full-time jobs. It can become very difficult finding a way of juggling the responsibilities of a family and a career. With so many couples signing divorce settlements, there have been several attempts within the past few years to aid the survival of today’s marriages.

If you think about the divorce rate fifty to seventy five years ago, you would find that it was not often considered an option, or even talked about. But today, with divorce rates up so drastically , many people around the world are wondering what is happening in our society.

The reality is that married couples today face many different challenges than they did long ago. To make ends meet it is not uncommon for both the man and woman in a marriage to work outside the home. When children are brought into the picture the pressure and responsibilities only increase.

If the marriage is not good to start with, many couples find themselves not being able to cope with all the outside pressures. But research has proven there are some solutions to lowering the divorce rate, and people all over the country are starting to take notice.

The National Press Club did a study in 2004 to outline how to help reduce America’s divorce rate. Called, a “Community Marriage Policy,” this study called for clergy members of diverse religious groups in over 100 different counties to combine in their strategy to aid couples in preventing divorce.

The platform encouraged the clergy to collectively coach couples from any religious group so they could give marriage prep classes, suggestions on how to improve upon and strengthen one’s marriage, and offer therapy for emergency situations.

This down to earth effort has shown that through guidance from these means, couples could find help they needed to face the challenges in their own marriages.

The final results of the study showed a decrease in the divorce rate of over seventeen percent for the counties that participated.

The divorce rate in North American is on the rise, but there are perceivable solutions to help control the problem. When engaged couples are properly prepared for marriage maybe we can get back to having fewer divorces and develop more long lasting healthy marriages. When couples are educated with proper information, have dedication and get the skills needed to work through challenging issues, divorce statistics will start to decrease.

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