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Eight Awesome Ways To Burn Extra Calories Throughout The Day

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Sometimes it is hard for people to make the time to exercise the same time every day for the same amount of time. For other people regular repetitive exercises are just plain boring. The following is eight ways to burn extra calories throughout the day:

Vigorous House Cleaning: Have you washed your walls lately or thrown out the trash and old items you do not need from the back of your closet? Performing these duties-especially when carrying these unwanted materials to the curb or second hand store-will help exert you and help you burn calories. This is almost as effective as a thirty or 60-minute workout.

Help Someone Move: If you want to burn some extra calories another way to do so is to help your friend or family member move. You will feel good as you live boxes and other objects in and out of the old and new place. Be sure you use proper lifting techniques, however. If you life with your legs and not your back you cannot only burn fat but you can form muscles. The more you help people out this way the more calories you will burn.

Talk a Brisk Walk: If you like to walk and you like to walk fast you will enjoy taking a nice long walk. The faster you go, the more calories you burn. This is easy for you to do if you enjoy walking. Also, if you have a friend who likes to walk, take that person with you. No longer will exercise be a chore for you but it will become a social event. You can even take your friend with you to walk to raise money for March of Dimes or other organizations as well.

Mow the Lawn: Nowadays lawn mowing has been done by the use of a riding lawn mower. However, if you still have a push mover and you enjoy being outdoors, you can take advantage of this opportunity. Lawn mowing with a push mover, by the way, has become easier, as some have self-propelled motors to help you push the mower. However, for a real challenge you can crank up that old heavy beater you have in the back of your garage. Believe it or not, there are people, both men and women included, that love moving lawns.

Work in the Yard or Garden: Although some activities such as weeding do not require very much energy, raking, leveling, and other gardening activities can really help you burn some calories. Many people consider gardening and yard work a hobby and find it exhilarating. If you like being outdoors you may be a person who does not mind these tasks.

Go Dancing: Dancing as an exercise is a more creative alternative to taking an aerobics class. If you have even the slightest sense of rhythm, you will enjoy getting it down at the nearest club. If you are an experienced dancer, you probably understand how fun it is to dance until you drop. If you have not done this activity for a while, then you should make a point to try it again. You can really burn calories dancing. All it would take is to dance two to three songs in a row in most cases.

Walk your Dog: One other great exercise is to walk your dog. In fact, you can even race your dog, or use your dog to challenge you to walk at a faster pace. If you can keep up with your dog you most likely know you are doing okay.

Play with your Kids: Most kids like to run around and play tag, hide and go seek, and various sports such as baseball, football, or basketball. Word of warning is that you may feel a little intimidated by their agility at first, but in the long run it will pay off. Not only will you become better in shape, burn calories, but also you will have created lasting memories of you and your children together.

If you are one of the people who find routine aerobic step exercise boring, you will love one of the above types of alternative workouts. You can also participate in a variety of both summer and winter sports such as volleyball, soccer, skiing, swimming, ice-skating, and hockey. These all will help pump up your blood and will help you burn calories.

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