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Essentials Of Earthquake Survival Kit

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Earthquakes leave people without anything when they happen. No food, water, shelter and many other things. It is for this reason that people require to prepare stuff to use during such hard times. They always seem ridiculous to many people but when the disaster befalls the joke is always on them. The fundamentals of earthquake survival kit include the following.

A bag should also be part of the stuff packed. This is because that is where everything else will be carried. The person who wants to prepare the earthquake endurance kit needs to consider a number of factors when buying the bag. The bag pack needs to be of high quality. The material used in making the bag needs not to be heavy to make it as light as possible.

Flashlight and batteries need to be on the kit. This is to ensure that people see well when they found themselves on dark locations. During such cases victims could remain one place for a long time because of darkness. When the lights are available it makes movement to be easier. It is also makes the rescuers to be able to see them quickly when they get to the affected area.

In such disasters, first-aid kit must be part of the earthquake endurance kit. People get injuries in such incidents. This first-aid kit may not contain all the medications but they help in reducing complications. A persons injury could lead to infections if immediate medications are not done. It is the uses of this that make people survive during earthquakes.

Water needs to be available on the bag. A number of bottles should be carried for the road. Water keeps the victims life going with ease since dehydration is not given any chance of occurring in a persons body. Water should not add a lot of weight to the bag. This is because it will prevent ease of movement from one place to another.

Food also is important when preparing a survival kit. Dry foods in this case are recommended because they do not add a lot of weight to the bags. Food to take one for a couple of days is good to help one endure the condition after the calamity occurs. Its consumption provides the victims with energy to face the day and have hope of enduring with the tough conditions.

Mobile phones make the chances of endurance increase. A victim is able to make contact to emergency numbers in order to get rescue. It is the work of the person to ensure that contacts are well saved on the phone. Once the call goes through the victim should be brief by only giving the important details. Such contacts alert the rescue teams of some duties to be done.

It is important to carry survival kits. The stuff keeps the person going for a longer time. Ignorance leads to many victims deaths. That is why this preparation needs to be taken seriously.

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