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Exploring Bulgaria

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Being among the most beautiful European destinations, Bulgaria is a relatively small country, located on the Balkan Peninsula. It attracts tourists with a big variety of sights and interesting places, with its beaches and summer resorts, spa and balneo centers, breathtaking scenery of high mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, vast lowlands and Black Sea coast.

Black Sea coast is considered to be the main sight that attracts thousands of foreigners during each summer season in Bulgaria. Two of the main beach resorts are Sunny Beach, which is the biggest one and located near to the big city of Bourgas; and Golden Sands, located near to Varna, a beautiful coastal city, known also as Bulgarian Sea capital. There are many other beach resorts along the coast that can complete even with the popular Greece and Spain resorts. They offer cheaper prices and great sunny beaches with a lot of entertainments, facilities, restaurants and night clubs for long or short summer holidays.

Tourists that are interested in archaeology and other relics of the past should necessary visit the beautiful small ancient towns of Sozopol, Nesebar and Balchik also located along the coast.

Apart from the coast, there are many other things that should be seen in the other parts of the country that reveal country’s traditions and culture.

The most visited monastery in Bulgaria is the famous Rila Monastery, located in beautiful Rila Mountain in southwestern part of the country. Being a breathtaking place, this is a sight that should be visited at least once by every tourist. St. John of Rila is its founder, who started the construction in the 10th century. Many reconstructions are made over the years, but the last one is made in 19th century.

All nature lovers can visit at least one of the other beautiful attractions that Rila Mountain offers. This is the natural cirque formed by the Seven Rila Lakes. Their names are as follows: “The Tear”, “The Eye”, “The Kidney”, “The Twins”, “Three-Lobed Lake”, “The Fish Lake” and “The Low Lake”. The highest one is located at 2535 meters in height, while the lowest is located at 2095 meters in height. All of them are unique and specific and each of them deserves to be seen. Their names reveal much information about their shape and specifics. For example, “The Eye” is the deepest lake, while “The Twins” is a lake that is split into two parts and is the longest one.

Another beautiful place to visit is a medieval stronghold called Tsarevets and located in the Veliko Turnovo’s old town. The city of Veliko Tarnovo is very beautiful itself, being a former Bulgarian capital and natural fortress.

Another gorgeous place to visit is located in the central Bulgaria, in the beautiful small town of Gabrovo. There is an open ancient ethnographic museum, Etara that shows Bulgarian ethnography, folklore and architecture in its authentic form. Tourists can see how the craftsmen make traditional dishes and other ancient handicrafts and buy them as souvenirs.

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