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Feeding Hyenas In Ethiopia In Harar

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How to get to Harar Ethiopia

To do the hyena feeding you’ll need to be in Harar, and as the feeding occurs at dusk (7pm ish – changes depending on the seasons), you’ll need to spend at least a night in the town of Harar. You have to be keen if you want to get there – it’s a long, scary and gruelling bus journey in a crampt and overcrowded mini-bus trust me!

You need to get a mini bus from Addis Ababa – the capital of Ethiopia. Once you get the bus it will take a long time through winding dangerous roads to get you to Harar. It can take between 8 and 15 hours. It’s hilly but worth it.

Harar offers amazing views and hyenas come out at night.

It’s a short walk to the hyena feeding in Harar.

What price is it?

Its costs about 100 birr each – 5 US dollars.

What happens at hyena feeding?

When the sun sinks, these hyenas roam the streets and backpackers in the town can head out to feed them!

What is hyena feeding in Harar?

Myself and two buddies I met in Harar (Dutch guys Feder and Peter) walked down out of the city past the walls along this descending lane. At the end there is an ominous tree. It is here, in recent darkness that you will do the hyena feeding.

We got there at 6.45pm and paid the hyena man 100 Birr. He shakes your hand and introduces himself, then you sit down by “the tree”.

You’ll be buzzing and you won’t feel scared. I was loving it and couldn’t wait to get face to face with one of these beasts!

Then the hyena man bites a piece of wood and holds it in his mouth. Meat is put on the other end of it. Again the hyena rocks up, snatches it with its jaw and walks back.

Here are the three main parts to hyena feeding:

1. Feeding the hyenas mouth to mouth.

2. Hand into mouth.

3. The hyena will jump on your back, in my case he walked up my back digging his paws in and devouring the food. It’s hard to stand still and stay calm when you think about what’s actually happening! This for me was the craziest moment. He jumped right on my back onto my Northern Ireland flag I had draped round me. Then he bit the food right by my ear! It was amazing!

It’s a crazy experience if a tad scary!

How dangerous is hyena feeding in Harar?

Don’t worry – it’s not that dangerous! They are not after you and they won’t eat you. They only want the meat that you are displaying in front of them. Be calm and careful and don’t react or shout at them of course. Just enjoy it and feed them. You’ll actually find they’re quite adorable despite their massive bite. When one jumps on your back you will never forget that moment.

Is it possible to take photos?

Taking photos is fine – you can even watch if you’re too scared! I’d say 50 Birr for a non-partaker is a fair sum (just under $3 US Dollars), but if you want to go lower then that’s up to you. It’s not like there are tens of tourists all hanging around taking photos of it. There will be a small group of people there only.

I’d say guys and girls, this is pretty much ALL you need to know about the hyena feeding in Harar. Leave me some comments below if you like it and want to ask me anything!

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