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FIFA Stealing World Cup Tickets

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This might come as a shock to some, but then again not to others. With the world’s biggest tournament, the football World Cup currently taking place during June and July 2014, everyone’s eyes will be watching on cheering their respective teams. But even better than watching it on TV, is being there. [I:http:http://localhost/fas.com//wp-content/uploads/2015/07/JonnyBlair9.png]

However sadly for some fans, corruption within FIFA has led to them deliberately stealing World Cup tickets from their customers. In short, FIFA are stealing World Cup tickets as soon as they have printed them. Yes the corruption is that crazy. Their own staff steal these tickets, sell them on, leaving honest punters without tickets – what a total scandal that has yet to be exposed in the media!Telephone and e-mail responses from FIFA have been horrendous, with the following claims being made:

1. FIFA claiming customers will get their tickets and they just need to wait (this was told on the phone to one customer just FOUR days before the match they had a ticket four, and two days before the flight.

They will wait until the customers contact them worried about the whereabouts of their tickets. For some, it was just a week before the World Cup when the fans started to get suspicious and ask “where are my tickets?”.

After stealing tickets from their customers, the FIFA staff then sell the tickets on, to any range of companies for selling, on the black market. This is an act of disgraceful corruption from FIFA and the truth will come out eventually.

The most sought after tickets in the World Cup are for the Opening game, the Brazil v. Mexico game, the Spain v. Netherlands game and the Semi Finals and Final. FIFA staff make it their priority to find out which customers have ordered these tickets. Then instead of posting them to customers, FIFA print them, steal them and sell them on.

If you have any information on the theft or whereabouts of these tickets please email me jonny (at) dontstopliving (dot) net and justice will be done.

6. FIFA sending an email to customers who they stole tickets from, saying “your tickets could not be delivered” and asking the customers to collect their tickets in Brazil. These tickets are new tickets and the stolen ones still apply.

So to be in Brazil this June-July will be an experience never to be forgotten for football fans from all around the world, regardless of whether they have tickets for the games. It’s really all about taking in the atmosphere.

To read further about these nicked World Cup tickets check out the sites that expose the fact that FIFA burgle World Cup tickets from their customers.

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