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Find The Best Dog Sitting Toronto Experts

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Toronto is the most popular city in Canada and is the capital of Ontario. There is a population of over two million and is considered to be the fourth most popular. In the Greater Toronto Area there are close to five and a half million when the census was taken in twenty eleven. It is no wonder that with this many people there is a great need for dog sitting Toronto home owners’ pets.

All dogs have very strong emotional ties which is unique when it comes to the animal kingdom. Many believe that this tie is even stronger that the ties between humans. A study that was done reveals that they are there to please the pack leader and will do anything to ensure that this happens.

It is told by scientist that in order for humans to remain healthy they should get between twelve hugs a day, well what better way to get this then to give ones pet a hug. It is nearly always guaranteed that they will not try to push one away no matter what their temperament is at that time. It is also a known fact that having a dog will decrease blood pressure, alleviate depression and reduce stress levels.

Each animal will be taken on daily walks as this will encourage mental motivation as well as many emotion benefits. They believe that each dog should be kept as agile and as fit as possible but never overdoing what they are capable of. Each walk can be done alone or in a group and they can be either one hour in length or half an hour, it is up to the discretion of the owner.

Another great thing is that they are able to be trained whether it is to protect or to do some really neat tricks. Depending on the breed some are easier to train then others. However once they can sit, stand, roll over and even fetch it brings a new meaning to joy, for both dog and owner.

They are also certified in first aid and CPR for pets and have over twenty years of experience. The owner has done lots of volunteer work with animal welfare and also has extensive training in all behavioural problems. Those that have already used this service are more than thrilled at the care given to their pets.

A minimum of twenty four hours cancellation will be needed and to attend the group walk the fee is nineteen dollars. This group will be reserved if one is on the regular Frequent Walker and it will be with the same group of dogs each time. If the animal has a social issue or is unable to walk for long this will be a Private half hour group and one will be charged nineteen dollars as well.

They are even able to take in those that need special care as well as the elderly ones that prefer to be apart from the rambunctious. All animals are supervised during rest time as well as exercise and play time. Their facilities include both indoor and outdoor space and if the day is very hot the dogs are allowed to play in the splash pool.

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