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Five Alternative Uses For Your iPod

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So you might already know how to upload music and play music on your iPod, but maybe you want to do something else other than music playing with it.

The iPod has become somewhat of an American phenomenon. With the ever-growing popularity of this little gadget, more and more people are starting to use the iPod for things other than just playing music. Below are five alternative uses that you can use your iPod for:

Probably the most popular alternative use of the iPod is podcasting. Podcasting is like running your own radio stations, except you are the boss and can do whatever you want. Podcasts have become very popular with iPod owners of all ages and walks of life. Creating your own podcast is fairly easy and you have the ability to reach thousands of people.

Your podcast can be about anything you want; the FCC does not have any restrictions on podcasting, so you are pretty much free to say whatever you want. Maybe you want to tell the world about your religious or political views, or perhaps, you just want to share the music that you love. Once you have made your own podcast, there are numerous websites on the Internet that will allow you to display your podcast for people to download.

Maybe you do not want to create your own iPod podcast. Maybe you just want to use your iPod skills for your own personal use and satisfaction. The notes feature on your iPod is an ideal, useful little tool. You can add some notes from your classes to it for easy and portable access, or just little reminder notes for your daily life. Your iPod is very portable and having your notes wherever you go will make sure that you never miss another birthday or important meeting again.

Another alternative use for your iPod might be picture-oriented. You are able to store a good deal of photos on your iPod. This might be useful if you have a photo presentation and want to have your pictures with you, or if you just came back from vacation and want to show off by giving your friends a view of all the things you did. Again, the iPod is very much a portable device and will allow the user to carry around their different media files for quick and easy access.

One alternative way that people are starting to use their iPod for is education. What, education? Yes, the iPod is not only for entertainment purposes but can actually be used as a learning device. There is an endless amount of ways for you to learn with the iPod. Some might be that you have a music history class and need to listen to some songs for an upcoming exam. If you have a foreign language class, your iPod can easily download a podcast in the language that you are taking. The Supreme Court is even getting on the iPod bandwagon with podcasts for your listening pleasure.

If you are the working type, then your iPod will help you with that, as well. The notes feature of your iPod can easily be used to store quick notes on a previous meeting or conversation that you need to remember. Perhaps, you are into writing and need to store a project that you are working on. The notes feature can help you do this, and you are able to review your material whenever you want to (please do not read over your material while driving though). Storing some of your work on your iPod may also help for when you need to show people what you are currently working on.

From podcasting to education to work, your iPod is able to help you with just about anything that you need. The portability of the iPod makes it an ideal device to use for any occasion that calls for easy access to. Not only is your iPod a superior music player, it is now becoming a superior life tool as well. It might not be too long before everyone in the United States, maybe even in the world, will have his or her own iPod.

The iPod is helping people from all around the globe better communicate with each other by podcasting, or just by having something in common.

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