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Five Strategies to Deal with Stress

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We once in a while faced a lot of problems. We encounter what we do not want. We are overwhelmed with unfavorable situation. Then we imagined things to be worse. We are afraid of what are going to happen. We feel uncertain on our future. We are worried on the security of ours and our love ones. This is when stress comes and it can happen to everybody. The five strategies here will help us to see the stress as an unnecessary mechanism and how to cope with it.

When we have stress, body releases a hormone called Adrenaline. This hormone makes the heart beats faster. It also makes your blood flows more in all area, your organs function many times more than they regularly do. The point is if we have too much of this hormone, we may get cancers in some area according to the research. So we can see that stress is an unhealthy process. We should know how to not have too much of it and understand the strategies to find the effective strategies to deal with it. The five strategies that we would learn more here include:

1. Calm down. When we have problems especially the big ones, we normally react to it without much of a careful thought. We are panic and do not know what to do. Therefore the first strategy to deal with stress is to calm down. Pull yourself together. Do not let our mind wanders around to the unfavorable situation which will be the consequences of the problems. We create a monster to be feared in our mind and most of the time it is just a monster that stay in our mind. How many time that serious problems come to our lives and we can pass them by without much of the injury? In life, people occasionally face problems. Problems are meant to help us grow. To understand this we will feel more comfortable when problem comes.

2. Analyze the situation. Write down the problems. We must not just solve the problem in our mind because it will not work but it is the method that most people do. This is why most people live in a tough situation nowadays. Once we have the problems on paper, write down the details of the situation. What happen in the moment? Who are involved? What impact we are going to get from the problem? How bad it is going to be? Some time many problems come at the same time. Acknowledge all by writing them all down.

3. Write down all alternatives. Make a clear point to your mind that what we are going to do is to find the way to solve the problem not to find fault or to blame others. This is our life and we all are responsible to it no matter what or who cause the problems. Focus on what action to take and what will possibly be the consequences. Will you be able to handle it if things do not go well once we apply our action? What can be the worst? Write pros and cons of each solution. This is our life and we should be serious with it since nobody else will be. Using this method will help you get a few alternatives instead of sit there without knowing what to do.

4. Choose what action to take. Stress will not disappear if the unfavorable situation persists. We need to do something to make the situation be more favorable to us. We will have to take an action or a series of actions in order to get us out. We now have alternatives that we analyze the situation on the third strategy, we now have choice to make. Do not be worry if you make a wrong decision on your choice because you are going to be. Learn from your mistake is one of the useful experiences that we will have. When it comes to the problems regarding people, deal with it with mercy in your mind. You wish every body well and do not want to harm any people in order to solve the problem. No matter who they are, you will be mercy to them. This will give you peace in mind when you need to solve problems with people.

5. Visualize yourself to get out the stress. Visualization can attract what you want in life according to the law of attraction. The law says that what you regularly focus on will attract the situation and attributes that are favorable to the goals you have. Find a place that you can sit alone and close your eyes. Visualize yourself as you have already achieved what you want and feel it. This is one of the fastest ways to get out of stress. You may want to use some background noise to have your subconscious mind works better on the law of attraction. It is called attraction accelerator and is available on the market that you may want to check out. Regular visualization can also help you to achieve what you want in other areas including health, relationship, career or finance.

Stress is a common problem in life and can be cope with if we know the strategies. The five strategies here will help you to deal with the stress easier and faster.

Jim Somchai
Read more of his articles from his site. http://www.visualizationmeditation.com
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