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Flood Destruction In Royal Oak Michigan Requires Experienced Help

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The water in an ocean, lake or stream is a beautiful sight. Two feet of raw sewage in a basement is disgusting. It presents a definite health hazard to the family living in the home. After a flood causes water damage in Royal Oak Michigan, Michigan restoration company has professionals to perform the clean up.

The first thing they will do is visit the home to assess the damage. They will give an estimate of how much it may cost to do the clean-up work. It is difficult to know an exact amount, however, until the work is started.

It takes time to complete such a restoration project. There are details that must be carefully assessed and remedied to get rid of all contaminated items and materials. No laws govern the procedure. But, industry standards are generally followed.

These standards must be high. They serve the purpose of protecting the health of those who will be living in the home and using the basement, possibly as a recreation room. Each job may require different specialized treatment.

First the extent of the ruination will be documented. Standard costs for replacement must be attached to the materials needed. Any items that must be thrown out have to be valued as well. They use probes and infrared equipment to examine everything.

The physical work begins with a drying out process. Next all destroyed items are removed and discarded. Equipment such as air movers and scrubbers, dehumidifiers and sub floor drying tools are put in place in the area.

The machinery is is not removed until about three days after the drying. This is until a final inspection is done to make certain all drying is complete. Next the workers can begin sanitizing the area.

The contents that were salvageable, if any, will need to be treated. Sterilization, sanitization and deodorizing are standard procedures. There may be other renovations needed.

Sometimes things can be replaced cheaper than they can be restored. The homeowner will want to get advice about that. All questions should be answered to keep him informed about what to replace and what to save.

As the basement is dried out, the professionals will monitor the progress. They usually do so on a daily basis. Some jobs will take longer than others.

A homeowner may try to do the work without professional help. It is not a good idea to do so. The contaminated area can cause illness and is a danger to the family if they come in contact with it.

He may be doing the restorative work in an attempt to save money. Hopefully, he is adequately insured against flooding damage. If doing the work on his own makes him ill, he may spend more on medical bills than he would have by hiring the professional restorers.

The average homeowners insurance may not cover flooding under some circumstances. It depends on the reason for the flood. Asking about extra flooding coverage should be done when taking out any insurance on the home and property.

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