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Game of War Fire Age: Build Your Empire at Christmas!

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Hi! I’m Darius, and Merry Christmas! I work in a game company as an editor, and since I got my new smart phone as a Christmas present, I just decided to play some mobile strategy games, and I love all kinds of games, I always play War Thunder or WoW during my spare time, and this time, I will show you my experience on Game of War Fire Age game, hope you like my article and the game, at last, I will give you a link for this free mobile game download.

The first thing you’ll want to do is begin following the recommended upgrade paths, as laid out by the game’s Quest system. Simply tap on Quests at the bottom of the main screen, and look at the top challenge you can take on.

When you’re starting out, these will consist of ensuring you have one of every type of building that’s available to you, and upgrading the ones you already have so that they produce more resources.

If you’re playing on a budget or only logging in during your commutes, then you won’t have access to VIP status benefits very quickly, so ensure that you’re not wasting your time. You’ll want to be earning as many resources and ticking off as many Quests as possible, so start juggling wait timers.

Though you won’t be able to go on Alliance Quests yet, you will have access to Daily Quests, and these can be a great way to get resources. They’re really easy: just tap the Start button next to the Quest you want to go on, and a timer will count down.

You should also be engaging in research at your Academy at the same time as questing. Just tap a skill, tap research, and meet the criteria to begin the upgrade. You can also train more troops, heal your wounded at the Hospital, and so on. Any way you can improve your base and bring in more resources in multiple ways at the same time is a great benefit.

You will get a free item that allows you to teleport wherever you want to before your Stronghold reaches level 5. It would be a great idea to move together with your alliance members – the proximity offers a ton of advantages and is the first thing needed to build a solid alliance (and keep you safe with their help).

I strongly suggest that you build 10 level 1 farm, logging camp, quarry and mine. For example, build 10 farms and then demolish them. Do the same thing for the rest. 10 of each! Doing so would allow you to complete an Empire Quest. Obviously you can do this later in the game but it will be difficult.

There are lots of rumours flying around that some users are using hacks to gain gold. If you Google ‘Game of War Hack’ you will find thousands of websites that claim to offer this hack for free. There are even hundreds of videos on YouTube about this hack. For the sole purpose of this post, I tried downloading this hack to use on my farming account. Well…all of these hacks are bullshit! All of them want you to complete a survey before the download begins. And when you do complete the survey, the download doesn’t work. I am very sure a working hack does not exist.


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