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Game of War Fire Age: Fantastic Hints by Christmas Eve!

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Are you among those die hard fans of the strategy war games who are totally addicted to the games such as Clash of Clans and Boom Beach , then here is a new game Game of War Fire Age for you guys!

Players in the game can build cities, recruit and train troops, weapons, and freedom to team up with other players, alliances to form a kingdom. Different competition for the throne of the Kingdom will fight the final winner is crowned, to become the king of the entire game.

Game of War of the core gameplay is to build your own empire, in this process, the player needs to collect and convert them into a variety of resources for empire building. So have their own league is very cost-effective in the game, you can have the opportunity to join the Alliance in the league get paid props store, you can also set fire to a building being developed to speed up the completion of speed. For more mobile strategy games, please visit our website!

Game of War design is more fit the concept of a mobile phone, mobile phone reminders and games together. By game’s alliance system, you can give any alliance or the Kingdom of the members to send a reminder. If you find your own online league under attack, you can give the phone to send players off reminders, ask for help.

First rally against DF was mostly ranged as they reinforced with strat ranged and infantry. However, they quickly reinforced with strat cavalry to counter before rally hit. We called out to cancel but time was too short between scout report and message in alliance chat sent.

When I first picked up this game, I expected gameplay to be bogged down by not having enough in-game currency to progress (as is the norm for most of these “free-to-play” games), but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the game actually allows fairly rapid progression from the start. I’ve only been playing this game for…what, four days? Five? And I’m currently a Rank II member of my Alliance—which is one of the best mechanics I’ve seen in a game like this. The Alliance system allows for even speedier progress—ask your friends for help, AND YOU’LL GET IT. It’s amazing.

You’ll almost never be without enough resources to build or upgrade your next structure; even if you end up that way, you just have to wait a while to build up your resources. And none of that tap-to-collect nonsense, either! All your resources automatically go into a collective bank, which you can quickly assess at the top of the screen. So that means no matter how long you don’t play, you’ll still be collecting valuable resources.

What else…OH! Finally, FREE Speed-Ups. YES.
This game gives you the option to speed up construction time to completion…past a certain point, of course, but that point gets more and more generous the longer you play.

All in all, a surprisingly GOOD free-to-play game. I’m really enjoying the game thus far, and I hope to continue enjoying Game of War as time goes on! Now, free mobile game download is available, let’s play at Christmas!


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