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Gardening Gifts For The Gardener In Your Life

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If you are looking for a unique gift idea for the gardener in your life, there’s great news. Gardening has suddenly become very vogue, and so finding interesting gardening gifts is no longer a problem. In fact, consider a gift basket idea themed for the gardener. Here are just a few ideas to put a smile on the gardener’s face.

Of course plants always make excellent gardening gifts. There are a few things to consider when purchasing plants. Things like where the gardener lives, what type of gardening they do, whether you are looking for a specific plant family, and a host of other questions need answering, and then you can find the perfect unique gift idea in the plant you buy.

Now I know what you’re thinking – that’s a boring gift.
Actually not, because they are a great gift basket idea. And with all the fun new gardening gloves on the market you’ll have the gardener looking great and protecting their hands. Gloves are an essential tool – choose from leather, canvas, or light cotton.

These are a welcome addition to both indoor and outdoor gardening and with so many fun choices you can find unique gift ideas with little problem. Besides being a gardener, perhaps the person you need to buy for has another hobby – a golfer, a musician, a bowler? You can often tie two themes together for a very interesting and unique gift idea.

The Trowel
If you aren’t a gardener you likely don’t understand the importance of this. But trust me when I tell you that every gardener needs a stainless trowel. These handy little tools are great for digging up young plants that need to be transplanted or digging up soil. They are lightweight, making them easy to use for every age.

Don’t go big here. A nice mall pair is perfect for the average size plants. Pruners will make it a breeze for your gardener to trim back plants. And although they might not be considered a truly unique gift idea when it comes to gardening gifts they are a very useful item.

Every gardener needs a hoe to deal with the weeds when they start popping up. But not just any hoe. When it comes to gardening gifts go “big” and choose one of the fancy hoes that are easy on the back, ergonomically designed, and not an item your gardener is likely to treat themselves to.

Water Feature
Have you seen all the wonderful water features that are on the market? There is a size and theme for every garden. And there is nothing as tranquil as the sound of running water. What a great finishing touch to any garden! If you are buying for an indoor garden – great news! There are miniature versions for in the house.

Hummingbird Feeder
If you want a really unique gift idea then consider a blown glass hummingbird feeder. No two are identical, and they are simply stunning. Even if there are no hummingbirds in the area they make a beautiful addition to any garden.

Watering Can
Of my favorite gardening gifts is the watering can. There are so many types to choose from, it can easily become part of the gardening decor! Big, small, figural, painted, short, wide, short spout, long spout – the choices are endless. Take some time choosing a watering can, and you’ve got a unique gift idea.

A gardening gift basket idea is another smart idea for the gardener in your life. You can buy a pre-made basket, or you can have a little fun and make your own. You can usually find a large wicker basket at a discount store, and then start filling. You can finish the basket with a coffee cup and some specialty coffee, chocolates, or whatever is favorite to the gardener you are buying for. It doesn’t get more personal than that!

Gardening gifts for the gardener in your life can be a lot of fun to buy for. Just let your imagination run wild, and you’ll find the perfect unique gift idea!

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