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Gift Ideas That Men Will Love

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One of the biggest challenges of the holiday season is finding perfect gifts for everyone on our lists. Finding a gift for an important man in our lives can be particularly difficult. We often are tempted to stick with the usual tie or perhaps a gift card, but rather than select something ordinary, consider one of these more unique options that are sure to please any guy.

This is the time of year that we all love to indulge, particularly enjoying the many sweets of the season. A box of chocolates or a tin of gourmet cookies might be fine, but why not kick it up a notch and present your guy with man’s favorite food – pizza. In this case, we are talking about gourmet chocolate pizza. Imagine his surprise when he unwraps his gift and uncovers a real pizza box and opens it to discover a rich, delectable chocolate pizza. You can purchase these from Chocolate Pizza Company, and there are several different styles of chocolate pizza to consider.

There are milk, dark and white chocolate pizzas with a variety of toppings. The “crusts” of the milk and dark chocolate pizzas are a blend of melted gourmet chocolate and homemade English toffee. Toppings vary from a simple swirl of white chocolate to pizza with nuts, candies and even mini marshmallows and graham crackers. Pair up a pizza with a tub of Chocolate Pizza Company’s signature side, Peanut Butter Wings. These wings are created from a blend of crunchy potato chips and smooth peanut butter that are dipped either in milk chocolate or dark chocolate.

A gourmet chocolate gift is definitely a great option, but if you would rather go down a non-food route, there are many other ideas to think about. For example, buy some cool barware so that he can create custom drinks for his friends. A brew-making kit and some upscale beer mugs also might be a good idea. If he collects wine, consider a sommelier kit that helps him identify all the subtle flavors and fragrances in every type of wine he samples.

Cool gadgets have long been considered a great gift idea for men, so why not find some cool techie gear? For a programmer or computer engineer, a binary clock would be a cool, quirky gift displaying the time in binary numbers rather than regular numerals. Tablet and phone accessories are always a smart choice and there are tons on the market. A sports watch also can be cool and helpful if yourguy bikes, hikes or runs for exercise. Most include a distance calculator and calorie counter, but you could also get a watch that also features a GPS.

Another option would be to give him an adventure gift, such as renting a Formula One car that he can drive on a real track. There are excursions in biplanes and fighter jets and helicopters that he might enjoy. If he loves to hunt or fish, consider purchasing a trip at a hunting lodge or a deep sea fishing trip. A kayak excursion, whale-watching adventure or scuba diving adventure might be interesting, as well.

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