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God of Light: The Most Comprehensive Strategy Ever!

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God of Light game, with a new twist on the physics/puzzle genre, is quite beautiful and interesting to play. In this game, you have to control and bend light using prisms, mirrors, filters, etc. Just like such kinds of Mobile strategy games, God of Light is easy to play at the beginning, but when you go on, you may need some tips to guide you! Here, read on the Gold of Light cheat we offer here and practice more!

Think back to geometry class. There will be some moments where your angle is off by just a touch and you need to make the adjustment.

Be patient. So few of these puzzle games are as fickle as God of Light. You’ll have to tweak and go as the levels get more challenging and it will test your patience.

Mirror double duty. You can read other detailed tips we summed up here. Use the mirror to reflect light in multiple directions!
Check out the God of Light videos to know more strategies!

In God of Light your job is to help Shiny bring light back to the world and save the universe. You’ll have to look carefully for clues and use an array of different objects that refract, split, and bounce light off them. If you get stuck, you can also ask the fireflies for their help, but be careful, you only have so many before you run out. If you’re stuck on a level, that’s where Appgamenews comes in.

Let the map guide you to fireflies
There are fireflies hiding in some specific levels,which has a firefly icon on the top of the map before you choose your level to start playing.

Sometimes there is more than one solution

The map is limited and subjects in every levels are same, so if you get stuck try another direction of beams or select different angle of your mirrors!

Use Shiny to take a look around
In the beginning of every levels, try to look around the environment of it, and plan for the best route!

Use Shiny to take a look around. Most of the time you and use Shiny to take a quick look around. This minimizes the amount of times you actually need to use fireflies. Instead, just point Shiny in a direction and you’ll be able to faintly see what’s around. You can also use mirrors in the same way. Even if you can’t see anywhere to go just yet, use mirrors and Shiny to expand your field of view before using your fireflies. Save those for when you really need them.

Watch the map to get fireflies. Once you run out of fireflies, you’ll have to buy them as an in-app purchase. However, you should rarely have to since you can collect quite a few from watching free ads and by just looking at the map. If you see a level with a firefly hovering over it, that means there is a firefly for you to collect somewhere in the level. If you didn’t get it on your first try, you can always backtrack and collect them. For game videos or free mobile game download, check our website please!

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