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Grades & Their Correlation To Networking With LI Advertising

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Those who are in college may see their grades decrease, for one reason or another. There could be a multitude of sources for this, whether it’s a matter of the Internet, the presence of video games, or what have you. For those who look at social media, and believe that its activity may be to blame, it seems like this may not be a connection which exists. In fact, those who have been involved in LI advertising for years would be hard-pressed to dispute this.

There was a study detailed on a Phys.org article. An associate professor of education, at Iowa State University, named Reynol Junco performed a study related to this subject. Specifically, he looked at social media and how it has affected college students. What he found out was that, ultimately, college freshmen were the ones who found themselves struggling with social networking usage over the course of time. By comparison, seniors within the same school were less likely to fall into this trap.

The study in question specifically focused on 1,600 college students, and the time they spent on Facebook while multitasking. With the two hours a day that freshmen said they used Facebook, about half of that span was spent on schoolwork as well. This negatively impacted many of their grades, while those who were in higher levels of education found themselves unable to make a connection. In fact, certain actions on Facebook were found to increase GPAs.

In fact, Junco found out that activities like checking in with friends and sharing links with those very friends spurred positive results in class. The same could also be said for RSVPing to an event, which is another point that should draw the attention of firms like fishbat. As one can clearly see, social media has its advantages in school. It’s just a matter of how well it’s used, which is a point that no one in the field of LI advertising will disagree with.

As students complete work towards college graduation, there has to be a separation between work and play. Of course, it’s easy to see that both can come together, at least when it comes to social media usage. For many college students, it’s easy to see that Facebook – in addition to other sites, it would seem like – could have a positive influence. It’s just a matter of how often it’s used, so make sure you don’t forget about the responsibilities to account for as well.

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