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Grooming Your Way to a Healthy Dog

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As a pet owner you are probably aware of the usual benefits of grooming you pet. You know that grooming helps you get rid of the knots and tangle in the coat and makes your dog feel cooler due to the air that flows through their fur. Of course, grooming also makes your dog look healthy and shiny. But there are many other known benefits that come from grooming your dog.

It may come as a surprise for some dog owners to know that the simple act of grooming can do much more for their pet than just improving their looks. Grooming as a regular activity provides a lot of health related benefits for your dog. Let’s see what these benefits are.

1. Grooming will help your dog get rid of the dead hair and enhance the beauty of its coat. Since the air circulation improves, your dog will find it much more comfortable, even in hot weather. Grooming also helps with the tangled hair issue often found with dogs that are very active and playful.

2. Grooming helps in improving the blood flow in the follicles of hair thus improving the health of their coat. The way massage makes our skin healthy, grooming beautifies the coat of the dogs. The health effects too are similar as the dogs’ lymphatic system is also stimulated due to grooming.

3. Grooming also helps in making the bonds stronger between you and your dog. Your gentle grooming is pleasing to your dog and it improves its emotional state.

4. While grooming your dog, it is easy for you to familiarize yourself with your dog’s body. You may also be able to check if your dog has any health related issues, such as any injuries that you had not noticed before. Health problems such as ticks can also be noticed and taken care of in time.

5. It is also beneficial to groom your pet’s paws by checking the growth of its nails and looking for any injuries on its pads which may not be visible otherwise.

Pay a visit to your local pet supply store and you will find numerous grooming materials for your dog. But if you are not sure of how to groom your dog, you can always do some research using Google. You will get a number of tips and good advice on grooming your dog. Your dog owning neighbors can also provide valuable input. If there are no dogs in your neighborhood, try finding dog clubs where you will find many dog owners who can share their experiences of grooming the dogs.

If you develop a liking for grooming and if you can do it really well, you may also consider starting a grooming service for other dogs and make it a profitable business for yourself. Dog grooming is in great demand and your services will surely be valued.

Spend some time to groom your lovely dog everyday and you will gift him with good health and thus have a better looking and healthier dog. If you have never done grooming before, don’t worry, there is no better time that the present. Start now and you will learn with time.

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