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Hell’s Pass And The Bridge Over The River Kwai

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Multiple day trips are available to the avid traveler and are, more often than not, offered to residents of resorts by agents coming into the restaurants with photos and brochures in hand. This may seem a little absurd but the agents face strong competition and need to reach tourists before others to get a chance at booking their tours.

One of the most interesting tours available is a day trip which takes you to Hell’s Pass, the Death Railway and the Bridge over the River Kwai. On this excursion you will see, travel on and through and experience firsthand the history of the bridge and the workers who built it. The original bridge was said to be unstable and dangerous to the tourists and locals wanting to walk on it so the government had it torn down and rebuilt. Though not exactly the same as the previous bridge, it is still a sight not to be missed. Travelers are able to walk across the bridge and have the ability to stop at many different sections in order to take pictures.

Hell’s Pass offers a memorial museum to the tourists who are interested in learning more about the facts and figures of the people who were contracted to build the railroad. There is a short video, about 20 minutes, for visitors to watch which documents how a prisoner lived and worked and what the pay and conditions were like. Around the museum is an impressive collection of original artwork sketched, painted or drawn by workers at the time to depict what life was like for them. It was also a way of communicating to the future in the hopes that the true horrors of the time would not be forgotten.

The Death Railway is a truly interesting part of history. Tourists are taken along the railway by a train the runs next to the mountain range and over the River Kwai. The train, like famous bridge, is not the original train that was used. Tourists are taken on this tour also to demonstrate just how dangerous building the railroad actually was and succeed in making passengers nervous at the speed the train travels.

There is a cave that passers by can go into which served as a meeting point and shelter. At the front of the cave is a huge space that houses a major statue of Buddha and tourists are allowed to pray there and provide offerings to Buddha. At the back of the cave is a series of stones, of all sizes, not connected but safe enough to lead you through to a much smaller space. There is nothing to see and is a little spooky. Watch your step!

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