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Highest Paid Surveys Secrets

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Everyone wants the highest paying surveys, because these are the real money makers among paid surveys. So what’s the deal with these high paying surveys, the ones that are claimed to pay $75-$150? You rarely hear of anyone who actually takes these highest paid surveys so do they really exist? Or are the high paid surveys simply a creation of the paid survey companies made to get more people to register with them?

The truth is that these surveys do exist, but they aren’t offered all the time or to just everyone that signs up to take paid surveys. I have taken several surveys that paid over $50 and even one that paid me $225! The key to getting these surveys is to make the market research companies know that you’re important and that you’re reliable.

Many people turn down the surveys for $1 or $2, but these are the surveys that create a track record for you with the survey company. When they need survey takers for the highest paying surveys who do you think they turn to? Don’t miss out on the big paying surveys later by declining these smaller surveys now.

If you think you are going to sit down today and start taking paid surveys and make thousands of dollars a month your first few months you’re wrong. More realistically you can make several hundred dollars in the first month doing paid surveys and will be able to slowly increase that as the survey companies begin to send you the higher paying surveys.

The people that have made a full time job from survey taking haven’t done so overnight. They have taken the time to build a good reputation with the survey companies and they are known to be reliable. They will take surveys regardless of the size of the reward and that is why they get the highest paying surveys now.

Once you find the highest paying surveys the next trick is to actually get accepted to take them. If you’ve been taking surveys for any amount of time I am sure that you, like me, have missed out on some high paying surveys simply because you were too late to the game. If you’re only checking your email once a day or less then you will very likely miss these high paying surveys because once the invitations go out they are snapped up pretty quickly. Keep an eye on your email if you want to take the highest paying surveys.

Another reason people miss out on the highest paying surveys is that they limit themselves to just a few survey companies. When they don’t get that $75 survey after a few weeks they give up. Well, that won’t work if you want high paying surveys. You’ve got to register with as many survey companies as possible, at least several dozen and a couple hundred is better.

Once you’ve registered make sure you’re checking emails several times a day and for the first month or two respond to every survey possible. Once you’ve established yourself as reliable to the survey companies they will reward you with the highest paying surveys out there. I can tell you it’s quite a rush when you get that first $75 survey!

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