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How Can I Propose?

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Congratulations that you’ve found the girl you want to spend the rest of your life with and you’re at the stage of deciding how to ask her that all important question. This is a moment that will have different memories for both of you. She will remember every little detail about how romantic it was and where it was, how you looked and what you said. You on the other hand will remember the fear and anticipation of how’s she’s going to respond.

There are many ways that you can propose to the lady in your life, and what you need is to find the right one that will give the right atmosphere and set the tone for your relationship. You could travel somewhere romantic, you could do something exciting, you could choose solitude or you could just have a quiet meal in a local restaurant, the perfect setting for your proposal is individual to you and your girlfriend as a couple.

Many travel places offer opportunities for romantic getaways, imagine taking a balloon ride above the Californian Napa Valley vineyards for example (or even over the African Savannah if you’re looking for something really exotic!) and popping the question as you pop a bottle of champagne. If you’re both into water sports, you could consider proposing to her under the water as you explore a coral reef. If she’s always had a yearning to swim with dolphins, surprise her with a weekend break that will allow you both to experience this and propose to her while you are in the water.

If you are both people who enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside but live a city life, book a weekend retreat at a spa, or a luxury cabin somewhere that’s full of nature but where she doesn’t have to be thinking if indoor plumbing is going to be an issue! You may like the idea of camping, and she might have indicated that she’d be happy to go along, but your proposal plan doesn’t want to be resting on whether or not you have to contend with a tent that won’t stay up, mud up to your knees and a bug infestation during the night!

Do as much damage control on things that could go wrong to spoil the atmosphere as possible — book your romantic retreat somewhere special and a little higher class and although you are showing how much you care about her you’re also ensuring that the little things that could spoil things won’t happen.

Finance can often be an issue with choosing the right setting for a proposal. Make sure that whatever you choose as your venue, you can afford without asking your girlfriend to pay for anything — and without referring to the cost of it at a future date! If your funds are short, book a table at a restaurant that’s either local or has some special significance to you both. When you reserve your table, ask for a table that’s in a secluded/romantic part of the restaurant.

Ask if they will cater to any special requests such as placing the engagement ring in an ice cube that you place in her drinking water, tied on a thin ribbon as a wine glass charm, or attached to a bouquet of long-stemmed red roses that you have delivered to your table during the meal. If she’s the type of person who gets easily embarrassed, make sure that the staff doesn’t make a big fuss over what you’re doing so that the rest of the people in the restaurant are kept unaware of what’s happening and you and your girlfriend don’t become the center of unwanted attention.

A proposal is a special event for any couple. It’s also one area where the man is very much on his own. Plan carefully before you make your decision and make sure that you choose a venue that’s going to be the perfect setting for a proposal that will be remembered throughout the years that follow.

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