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How Sleep Deprivation Effects Us

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Sleep is not only one of the most enjoyable pursuits for most people, but also of vital importance to the body and its upkeep.

It is generally considered good practice to get from seven to nine hours of quality sleep every night in order for our brain and body to continue working properly, let our brain cells revive themselves, and rest tired muscles exhausted from a hectic day. When this is interrupted sleep deprivation occurs.

There are many characteristics associated with sleep deprivation: memory loss could appear, we could catch cold bugs and flu more easily as our immune system isn’t working properly, or we could suffer accidents because of our drowsiness, the list can go on.

To most people who haven’t suffered it, sleep deprivation isn’t a serious problem and we usually don’t take a great deal of notice about someone who complains of being tired all the time. Yet it is a serious illness and it does effect millions of people all year round and all over the world.

Do you suffer from sleep deprivation? It is quite possible that you do but haven’t even considered the possibility. Most people have one or two bad nights, especially parents with young children, and when you are feeling tired during the day you just put it down to that’s life.

But what if you have a serious problem? If you find yourself needing to have an afternoon nap or you feel yourself falling asleep at the wrong times in the wrong places you could be suffering from sleep deprivation. Likewise if you are feeling far from 100% or nervous about something you just can’t quite place. Are you coming down with more colds and flu than normal? This could well be another symptom.

If these sound suspiciously familiar it could be that you need to revise your sleeping habits. A great way to do that is to keep a diary on how long you sleep and other related information.

Most people blame their hectic lifestyle and allow themselves to suffer the consequences, but there are plenty of things you can do to improve the situation. Remember that sleep is not a privilege or a luxury but an absolute necessity.

Once you realize that you may have a problem and that it is starting to effect your waking life what exactly can you do? Well, you now have your diary so you can start organizing where, when, and how to sleep. The first necessity is where.

The majority of animals make their own nests each night. Gorillas do it. You have to treat your bed as a nest. Don’t eat or read or do anything in it except sleep (ok, and sex). Your bed needs to be as comfortable as possible, making sure it is the right size. Change the linen as many times as possible to create a clean, fresh atmosphere where you can relax in peace. Ventilation is also very important.

If possible try to leave a window slightly open at night to add you in breathing. Obviously if you live in Alaska this might not be a viable option. Research shows that going to bed on an empty or full stomach is asking for trouble so try to steer clear of last minute binges before bedtime.

Another common mistake is thinking that alcohol makes you sleep better. You may fall asleep more quickly with a couple of beers inside you but it is pretty certain that you will wake up later on in the night because alcohol causes your body to dehydrate and cry out for water.

These are some simple rules for trying to get a better night’s sleep and there are many more. However, if you have a more serious condition then it would be very wise to go and see your doctor, even if you feel it is not important enough. Remember that sleep is not a privilege or a luxury but an absolute necessity.

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