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How To Find Chinese Crested Breeders

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Chinese Crested dogs are sociable and small in stature that must be purchased from a reliable and reputable breeder in the field. Pups that are well raised and produced according to ethical standards can prevent against poor genetic lines and unhealthy dogs. Chinese Crested breeders can be found with the relevant research and registered sellers to ensure that the healthiest and well represented puppies are produced.

When looking to purchase a Chinese Crested, it is best to learn about the particular breed and to determine whether you will be able to address its long term requirements. When you are aware of its needs, consider whether the pup will be bought as a family pet or as a show dog. For canines that are going to be placed in show, it is important that sellers queries are addressed and the healthiest puppies sought.

There are two main varieties of Chinese Crested dogs that can be purchased including hairless and power puff. While the hairless variety does possess a thin coat, it must be trimmed or shaved for show purposes while leaving tufts of hair along the feet, head, and the tail. A powder puff line exhibits a longer, soft coat that is of medium thickness and requires constant grooming to remove knots.

There are differences in the teeth of the two types of dogs and should be noted upon purchase. Hairless dogs will be accepted for show purposes where a few teeth are no longer present in comparison to the powder puff that relies on a full set of canines for acceptance. When consulting with skilled and reputable breeders, they will be able to advise on what to look for in properly bred dogs.

When it is time to buy a puppy, one must request proof of genetic tests for both the litter and the breeding parents. The sire and dam should prove healthy and free from any type of genetic abnormalities that may be passed onto the litter. A veterinary assessment should be performed and well developed pups selected to ensure that it is suitable as long term companions for the family.

Puppies should receive a vet examination and overall proof of the genetic tests that are performed. All pups must not carry abnormal genes that could predispose them to developing hereditary conditions at a later stage. Such steps can protect against the purchase of puppies that are not healthy or representative of the Chinese Crested bloodline.

While these dogs are generally healthy, it is important that a routine veterinary exam is performed. The breed has a life expectancy of 15 years and relies on a balanced diet, regular exercise, and the proper grooming methods that will promote a healthy state. It is important that the eyes of canines be examined by a vet on a regular basis to ensure that wellness is maintained.

Chinese Crested dogs will display a favorable temperament and a great deal of dedication towards its family. The performance of a health check is essential as it minimizes disease and aids in producing dogs that are well balanced. With an investigation into reputable sellers, it can assist in making the best possible choices for puppies.

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