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How to Find your Childs Private MySpace Profile

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All parents must have access to their childrens profile. It is not at all difficult to find out your childs private MySpace profile as many parents think. Many parents know that their children have private MySpace account but they never see their profile. The private MySpace account of children who are above 16 is opened to others and can be viewed by making a small search in the internet.

Methods to find out your childs Private MySpace profile

Parents can view their childrens private MySpace profile through many ways. Here are main search methods:

Simply Ask Them To Show Their Private MySpace Profile.

It is one of the easiest ways to find out your childs private MySpace profile. You just need to ask him/her. Some children due to fear tell their parents everything while the others may make excuses like, I am busy doing my homework and so on.

Through A Search in Google

The second method is making a search in googledot com. You just need to put your childs name on the search site and click the ok button. There are many children who do not use their original name so in that case you will have to search for their MySpace display names, email ID, friends and so on.

Browse the MySpace Profiles

For this you will have to go to privateMySpacedot com and then click on the browse button to view the profiles. Currently there are millions of private profiles so you should specify your search by choosing either the age range or country code.

Browse the Private MySpace Groups

This method is quite similar to the above mentioned method. Here you need to go to MySpace dot com and then click on the group button. Then put your childs name or his/her friends name in it to do the search.

Private MySpace Search Feature

The last method is by using the MySpace search feature. After entering into the MySpace site you need to click on the search button. Through this feature you can do search by putting names, display names, schools, groups or emails.

Further you will have to specify your search in the Browse section. But if you dont have an account in the profile then it will show you no results. So in this case you will have to create a fake MySpace account.

If you create your own account in the site, you can search the site without any restriction. Finding your childs profile is not difficult, the only thing you need is to be creative. Children often dont put both their first and last names in their MySpace account. In that situation you should do the search as per your childs nick name or his/her close friends name. In short anything related to him etc.

So these were five simple ways to find and view your childs MySpace profile.

MJ Batta writes on various aspects of Private MySpace Dangers and manages the website SpyOnYourKids.Net

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